The Reality Behind Lack of Sleep And Dark Eye Circles

Do you suffer from lack of sleep and feel the uneasiness to get up early morning? Most of you who suffer from this symptom might have noticed dark circles. Oh god! You need not to freak out this is caused from the very reason lack of sleep. This affects the health as well as your skin. It causes the dark circles under eyes which could indicate further illness that could be serious. Let us now evaluate the reality about the connection between sleep and dark circles under your eyes.

Truth between sleep issues and dark circles under eyes:

The dark eye circles affect the confidence level of an individual. This can make you appear fatigued and drained out. This could tear of your confidence and make you feel uncomfortable with the way you look. You can get back your confidence level when deciding treats this skin issue. First of all check out the likely factors that results in the formation of dark circles under eyes.

This is important to consult a medical counselor for advice and warning signs regarding the concerning skin issue. Let us now take a close look at warning signs regarding the skin issue under eyes.

The Warning Signs:

The dark circles are medically defined as the circular pigment that appears darker like that of panda eyes. This symptom usually shows up during adulthood. Some people might have it due to reduced eye sight under eyes experienced by females as well as males.

Causes of Dark Circles:

Some causes of dark circles include dermatitis problems, nasal congestion and genetic factors. Sun exposure, specific allergies can also affect the skin condition and lead to the formation of dark circles. This affects the thin texture of the skin and leads to loss of collagen. It affects the blood vessels located under eyes of skin and makes them more prominent. An individual who is deprived off the sleep or fatigued is more prone to get dark rings under eyes. The expansion of blood vessel is another reason for the formation of dark rings under eyes. This makes the under eye skin appear reddish-blue in color.

Preventing the Condition:

Dark circles are a skin condition yet this might be a serious indication regarding health issues. You can prevent this condition by establishing lots of sleep. Encourage enough sleep in a regular pattern to reduce the dark circles under eyes. You should adhere strictly to eight hours of sleep. This helps to calm the process of your body and make them relaxed. It prevents the weakening of the capillaries under eyes. This in turn, prevents the blood leakage whose storage under eyes appears like dark circles.

Ensuring to sleep for eight hours will lessen this skin condition. You can also seek medical support to establish healthy sleep patterns.


Although insomnia or irregular sleep pattern is a factor contributing to dark circles; this is not the only one culprit. There are other factors like fatigue, hereditary factors, aging which causes the formation of under eye dark circles.
Some of might be following a regular sleep pattern of eight hours yet notice darker rings under eyes. This condition is triggered due to allergies and other factors already mentioned.

According to Medline Plus, the physical signs of dark circles are linked with troubled sleep pattern and insomnia. It is being advised to have a sound sleep of eight hours for an adult. This helps to keep away the fatigue signs and prevent the dark circles.

Eye Creams:

There are different brands of eye creams that claim to lighten the dark skin under eyes. You should ensure to read the label to check if the ingredients are natural. This will help you to make sure that the creams do not affect your skin tone. They are easy to use and available at economical rates. It is recommended to read the eye cream reviews before buying.

Wrap up:

There are many treatments to get rid of the dark circles. You should get more information about these methods and find an effective dark circles treatment. This will help to get rid of the dark skin and give you even skin tone. This will provide you flawless and youthful skin.

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