Skin Brightening Creams: Do They Really Work?

The market is flooded with hundreds if not thousands of skin brightening products. A larger population relates to skin brighteners as products that work to make your skin seem brighter and lighter. Now, there is much more that you need to know about skin lighteners. There is much more than meets the eye. The following are a number of facts you need to know before deciding to buy one over the other in the market.

They work as bleaching agents

The belief that skin brighteners and bleaches work differently, is a myth. These two bleach the skin to lighten its skin color. Your brightener will works on the post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. These are blemishes that arise from acne and bumps. To lighten this pigmentation, a skin lightener is more commonly used. The spots that arise from the effects of the ultra violet rays of the sun such as age spots and brown spots can also be toned down by a skin lightener.

Though skin brighteners have been used to care for a number of ailments, there are individuals who seek to use skin lighters simply to lighten their natural pigmentation. This is common to individuals who have dark skin. Bottom line is that it works similar to a bleaching agent.

Hydroquinone as an ingredient

Hydroquinone is a key ingredient in skin lightening products. A safety concern has been raised over the use of this ingredient. According to research, this ingredient may increase the risk of getting skin cancer. This is due to the skin’s exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays. In addition, by using too much of products that contain this ingredient, you are likely to get a disorder called Ocrynosis. This refers to the paradoxical discoloration of the skin where it darkens.

Rather than using this ingredient, experts are recommending that products that contain vitamins such as vitamin C and B3. These act as antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Lactic acid is also good for individuals who have sensitive skin and need to brighten their skin.

Formulation of different

All skin brighteners do not work in the same way. They may contain the same ingredients but they work differently. Serums and creams function differently. Serums are thinner and suit skin that is oil-prone. Creams on the other hand are more advisable as they add more moisture making them richer. They are also recommended if you have a dry skin type or combination. In reference to ointments, they may be greasy but they definitely work better than creams. This is because they penetrate the skin deeper thus bringing about better results. The major determining factors are self-preference and the season in question. A cream or a lotion in summer is advisable as it is hot. An ointment is best during winter season.

The sun’s effect on skin that is using a skin lightener

This may be difficult to accept but after going through the trouble to lighten your skin, a one day’s exposure to the sun may destroy all that you have worked for. In this, you are simply wasting your time to use a skin brightener all for you to expose yourself to the sun’s ultra violet rays without a good sunscreen.

The more you can get a skin lightener to further penetrate the skin, the better it is for results. To achieve this, it is best that you include an exfoliating process to help open up the pores and remove dead skin cells. With a deeper penetration, comes better results.

The above are facts about skin brightening products. It provides a blend of both positive and negative ideas concerning these products and what they contain. In addition, it also shows who use it more and for what purpose. Sometimes, your skin will get an uneven skin tone due to some environmental factor and you can even it out using a skin lighteners. Keep in mind that you should not use it in the long-term.

Now you know the do’s and don’ts of skin lighteners. Whereas some are prescription, others are simply for personal use. All you need is ask yourself why you need to lighten your skin and you will be able to find a product that will do just that. Also, try to keep it as natural as possible to prevent side effects.

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