Lose Weight Without Exercise Using Only Healthy Methods

Taking a diet is not very easy, especially a strict diet which requires following meals rules or doing sport. Diets and sport are the most important allies in order to maintain yourself healthy and lose extra weight. But most women cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle and choose instead fast weight loss methods.

Eat smaller amounts of food!

A good way to lose weight without exercise is to introduce in your diet more fiber, protein and less fat to get fullness. To have an ideal meal, your dish has to contain all three categories in order to feel full for a long time. This is a good way not to choose unhealthy snacks during the day. A healthy and beneficial snack can be a baked potato or yogurt without fat. Gradually reduce the amount of food and you will see the differences immediately. Eat the food from smaller dishes, avoid eating from the pan. In a short time, your stomach will become smaller and will ask for a smaller quantity of food. This is one of the most important step that you have to take in order to lose weight without exercise.

Do not extend hunger, so do not starve!

If you want to lose weight or just to maintain your current weight you don’t have to starve. A drastically reducing of food will only produce slowing down your metabolism. The body may get weak and it will start losing muscle mass in order to have energy for a better functioning. If you reduce calories number from 2500 to 2000 you don’t have to reduce food quantity more than 20%. It will take one week lose weight without exercise to the body to get used to the new amount of calories and gradually you can reduce more. So, keep in mind that in order to lose weight without exercise, starving is not a good solution.

Give more time to every meal!

Another way to lose weight without exercise is to give more time to every meal you have. As you know fullness feeling comes from the brain. If you eat quickly, even if a bar of cereal rich in fiber, you will notice in a short time that you are hungry again. Give yourself more time to enjoy your meal, be careful with what you are eating and sit down at a table. A good advice to lose weight without exercise is to chew very well everything, not just swallow.

The calories are for eating, not drinking!

Fizzy drinks, especially juices are full of calories. 250 ml of juice contains approximately 200 calories and many times we drink more than 250 ml. So, instead of fizzy drinks choose still water or tea and this will help you if you want to lose weight without exercise. Drinks as much water and tea as you can during the day.

Do not deprive yourself of sweet cravings!

It is not normal to eat 2 chocolates a day, but you can eat a little chocolate every day. It is beneficial for the brain because it gives the glucose the brain needs. In this way, you will not be at the risk of gaining weight. Also, you can enjoy your favorite cake or an ice cream, but in small quantity. You can still lose weight without exercise even if you have something sweet every day.

Choose other food!

You can always choose something that don’t have a lot of calories. To lose weight without exercise, for example, instead of a fruit as a snack choose a yogurt without fat or for the morning coffee add some milk with lower fat. If for a salad you will choose a dressing without fat, then you will lose weight without exercise very easy and fast.

Avoid carbohydrates!

Because you decided to lose weight without exercise you should give up carbohydrates and avoid sugar. They are guilty of your extra pounds. Not consuming carbohydrates is not a good idea for a long term, but for a short term, they help you lose weight without exercise.

Sleep more!

It is very important to sleep enough. A tired body needs the energy that it takes from the food you eat. In other words, you will be tempted to eat more and more. Having 7-8 hours of sleep a night helps you lose weight without exercise.

Drink a lot of water!

The body has to be well hydrated. Water helps even in detoxification. You should drink a glass of still water before and after the main meals of the day. Drink during the day one or two cups of green tea. These methods accelerate metabolism and help in burning fat, leading to your goal: to lose weight without exercise.

This is an important step you should take when you decided to lose weight without exercise. You don’t have to skip breakfast if you want to lose weight without exercise. Whether you are on diet, having breakfast is twice more important for the body. You must choose healthy food. For breakfast, you need protein which will keep under control hunger almost until lunch.

Do not skip breakfast!

Keep a diary where you can take notes of what you are eating!

A lot of studies say that these type of diaries have a good contribution if you want to lose weight without exercise. People who take notes with everything they eat feel more responsible and avoid eating forbidden food. This is because they will be ashamed to write them down in the diary.

Eat only when you are hungry!

Try not to eat only because everybody does the same or because you have to. If you eat only when you are hungry (not junk-food), that food will be beneficial for the body because you ate it when the body needed energy.

Do not forget about natural supplements for weight loss.

They help you lose weight without exercise. Weight loss supplements are very wanted lately and they help losing weight in a healthy and fast way, especially if you are on diet while taking them. The best weight loss without exercises supplements are those natural made from Green Coffee Beans, natural supplements extracted from Garcinia Cambogia fruit and Raspberry Ketone. We advise you to use only the products made in USA which come from a reliable source and avoid those made in China.

Some food should be taken into consideration if you want to lose weight without exercise:

Green tea: the antioxidants it contains maintain cells health and helps to lose weight without exercise gradually. It is recommended to drink five cups a day in order to have a good effect on your waist.

Food rich in Omega 3: they help you lose weight without exercise fast. Omega 3 contains poly-unsaturated fat that helps you burn fat. Eat once a day food rich in Omega 3 and it will be very beneficial for you if you want to lose weight without exercise.

Cinnamon: this is a spice which has the role of stabilizing the level of sugar in blood. It leads to a decreased feeling of hunger and automatically helps you to lose weight without exercise.

Eggs: consumed regularly, eggs are true treasures in your diet.
Having only 75 calories, but more other beneficial qualities, eggs offer to your body many compounds which are necessary. The glair contains pure protein, that once your muscles assimilated them will lead to a fast fat burning. If you decide to eat more eggs, you can do this without any problems, but eliminate the egg yolk. This can have a bad effect on the body meaning that increases cholesterol.

Chili peppers: containing capsaicin, it gives a special property to the chilli peppers. These peppers accelerate metabolism and reduce hunger, leading to losing weight without exercise very fast. Unfortunately, the effect is for a short period of time.

Diet to lose weight without exercise. Lose 8 pounds in one week:

Do not eat between the meals.
You have to completely eliminate sugar, starch, white onion, potatoes, celery, corn, rice, beans, peas, fat cheese pasta, coffee.


Juice from half grapefruit.
One or two boiled egg.
2 slices bacon.
Coffee without caffeine, sugar or milk or tea with lemon.


Salad of any kind and quantity.
Beef or chicken grilled meat.
Vegetables of any kind.


Juice from half grapefruit.
Salad of any kind and quantity.
Beef or chicken grilled meat.
Vegetables of any kind.

Before sleeping you can have a glass of milk without fat or a glass of tomato juice without sugar.

The results: you can take this diet for how long do you want. You will start seeing the results after five days and you will lose almost 600 g per day.

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