7 relaxing ways to help moms de-stress

If you’re stressed out, you may be searching for that magic pill that will melt your stress away. Though this quick fix doesn’t exist, you do have several options that will help you combat your anxiety.

Coping with Stress

No one on earth is unaffected by stress. That being said, you are in control of how you respond to life’s stressors. If you’re stressed out, it’s time to take power back from your anxieties. Keep reading for seven important ways to help you de-stress.

1. Take a Break

Oftentimes, stress can make it seem like we’re drowning in deadlines, obligations, and life itself. While it’s impossible to avoid stress completely, it is important that you learn how to step away from these stressors in your life, if only for a few minutes. Making it a point to take a stress break will help you to refresh your perspective on whatever situation you are going through.

If you’re at home with your family and you feel the stress coming on, you’re overdue for a break. Put up a sign on your door that informs others that you are not to be disturbed. During this break, take time to practice methods for mindfulness. Play relaxing music, engage in deep breathing and focus on clearing your mind as you decompress.

Just as you explore the benefits of taking a break, make sure the rest of your family knows that it’s okay to “take five” or “take ten” whenever they need to. Encourage your children to take a break when things become too overwhelming for them.

2. Plan Ahead for Your Most Stressful Moments

Stress tends to follow a pattern. It’s common to feel anxious and stressed out when you’re pressed for time and have to run around trying to get everything done. This is why many families are so stressed out during the morning as kids are getting ready for school or after work when parents have to rush to pick up their children from extracurricular activities.

Identify the times that you are most stressed out. After pinpointing the cause of this stress, find a way to mitigate it. If your kids are always running late because they aren’t sure what to wear, make sure they take care of this the night before. Similarly, if you’re always trying to find a way to beat traffic to reach your kids after their soccer practice, consider looking into alternatives for after school transportation.

3. Exercise By Yourself and as a Family

Regular exercise is a guaranteed way to cut down on stress. If you want to release stress on a regular basis, find a way to fit daily exercise into your schedule. Your exercise can be running, walking, riding a bike, or doing yoga every morning or night. While it will be difficult at first to get into a physical exercise routine, once you begin, you’ll immediately notice a difference in your stress levels.

Encourage your family to take advantage of the stress reducing powers of regular exercise. Get your kids to take a family bike ride with you to a local park or around the neighborhood. Another option is to have spontaneous dance sessions with your children as a way to relieve tension in the moment. Simply start playing an upbeat song and get moving!

4. Make Room for Laughter

Taking the time to laugh will help you blow off some steam. Whether you listen to your favorite comedian or watch an episode of a hilarious sitcom, making room for laughter in your life will help you get through any tension you may be experiencing. As you search for laughter in your daily routine, encourage your kids to enjoy humor as well. Get into the habit of telling funny stories to each other and making one another laugh.

5. Get a Support Group

We can’t go through life on our own. One of the most important ways to handle stress is to find someone who will be there for us. While you may have a few friends that you talk to when times are tough, you should consider finding a support group.

Support groups can help you to balance any stressful emotions you may be experiencing. Having a group that you know understands your struggles and is there to offer advice and support will help you to believe that you’re not going through life alone.

6. Sign up for Massages

While many people consider massages to be something of a luxury, they can play a very important role in helping moms de-stress. Massages are intended to help you release the tension from your body. The right massage can lower your blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, and help to elevate your state of mind.

These massages can help you enter into a state of complete relaxation, which will allow you to release any stress that you didn’t even realize you were holding on to. Choosing Trinacria for your massages is an important part of your healing process. While you may not experience it everyday, massage therapy is one more coping method that will help you to manage stress.

In addition to receiving massages, consider the power of touch. Make it a point to connect with others through physical touch. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel after receiving or giving a hug to another person.

7. Drink More Water

Believe it or not, your hydration plays an important role in how stressed out you are. If your body is dehydrated, you’ll tend to feel tired more often. With these feelings of tiredness come irritability and anxiety. Get the upper hand on stress by making sure you stay hydrated. By drinking water regularly throughout the day, you’ll find that you’re better equipped to handle life’s stressful situations.

Life is rarely ever easy, but that isn’t an excuse to let your life become overrun by stress. Regain control of your mind, body, and emotions by trying these seven de-stressing tips yourself.

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