Endometriosis symptoms and Tips to Manage Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain

Endometriosis is a raging disorder, and what’s worse is that the statistics of women affected by this horrible disease are increasing at an alarming rate. It affects at least one in every ten women. The problem with this disease is, it is mostly not diagnosed in its early stages and therefore has ample time to develop and unleash its horrors in the worst possible ways. Most of the time, women endure the painful symptoms of this horrible diseases throughout their adulthood without ever realizing what is behind the distressing symptoms. Endometriosis can have some prevalent symptoms such as:

  • Feeling excruciating pain during and after intercourse. This is quite common, and it is also frequently overlooked.
  • Before you get your period, pelvic pain and cramps may begin, and it can extend to several days in your period. You may also tend to suffer from back pain.
  • You can also suffer from pain while urinating or during your bowel movements.
  • Occasionally, you will suffer from heavy bleeding. And sometimes, you might suffer from bleeding in between periods.
  • Generally, the disease is discovered when women come to find out their cause for infertility. So that too is a symptom of endometriosis.
  • Sometimes, you may experience constipation, diarrhea, fatigue and nausea. Bloating can also happen, especially during the menstrual cycle.

If you have any of these symptoms, I suggest you see your doctor as soon as possible.

Now we will move towards the tips that can be used to manage endometriosis. Keep in mind that the endometriosis symptoms will start to alleviate gradually and not all of a sudden.

01. Take Deep Breaths

It may be helpful if you adjust your breathing behavior and can save you from a lot of pain. Breathing shallowly in your chest won’t be of much help. Deep breathing on the other hand tends to calm down the nervous system. And if your nervous system is calm, you may feel less pain. Deep breathing will also help you get better sleep, and it will stretch your belly, and your ribcage which naturally gets tight due to all the PMS cramping. In a nutshell, deep breathing is the simplest tip to alleviate a great deal of the menstrual pain you may suffer due to endometriosis.

02. Correct Diet

The biggest culprit in causing endometriosis is most likely your diet. A marked 75% of women who chose to cut gluten and sugar out of their diets witnessed that their cycle has improved largely, in that they do not bleed as heavily as they normally did, and the cramps are much less painful than they used to be. Improving your diet will also help you lessen you abdominal and pelvic pain. Gluten and sugar can cause inflammation in your body right after consuming them, and you may find great benefit if you steer clear of these fairly dangerous ingredients.

03. Eat More Vegetables

I cannot stress how much more important eating well could be; you have to make certain changes to your diet if you want to cure yourself of this disorder completely. Eating more leafy greens will provide your body with many of the essential nutrients it needs to keep its hormonal levels balanced. Eating more colorful veggies can lead to a decrease in the inflammation caused by food. Eating a mostly plant-based diet is a recommended lifestyle to adopt if you plan to thoroughly heal yourself and leave the painful symptoms of endometriosis in the past.

04. Meditate

I cannot stress the importance of this point enough, truly. You should consider meditating and praying daily. If possible, opt for yoga because it is soothing for both the mind & the body. The benefits of yoga are multiple, but most relevant in this case are the specific advantages it provides with the symptoms of endometriosis. Several yoga poses are known to be optimal for a woman’s fertility. I suggest that you practice such poses which especially focus on the sexual health of an individual.

05. Relax Your Pelvic Floor

Many of the women who suffer from endometriosis suffer from severe pelvic pain. This can often occur because they do not keep their pelvic muscles relaxed during sexual intercourse and it causes them excruciating pain. If the muscles of the pelvic floor are tense, women would naturally suffer from pain due to endometriosis.  To rid yourself of these troubles, you should probably consider rendering services of a physiotherapist who could give you advice on vaginal muscle release techniques.

06. Get Stronger

This one didn’t come off as a surprise, right? For any of your existing health issues, unless a doctor prescribes otherwise, I believe you will greatly benefit from exercising on a regular basis. Even while exercising you’re advised to do some strength training because it would build the muscles up for you and increase your pain threshold. Stretching could help you release tension as well, and it will also help you build muscles such as your buttocks, back muscles and the upper body muscles as well. It will also help boost your mood up, and the practice is good for your health.

07. Get Massaged Regularly

Body massages are known to reduce tension and stress, and they can soothe the nervous system. Women who are suffering from this disorder should opt to get gentle massages. The massage should start from the pelvis, and then it should move down the hips. A foot massage can also provide benefit since it has the nerve endings of nerves found in the back and pelvic regions.

08. Acupuncture

It could very well not be the solution for you, but you can always give it a shot. Many women claim that acupuncture has provided excellent benefits and they have largely overcome the symptoms. The trick lies in finding the right specialist who performs and administers the procedure correctly.

09. Manage Stress

The biggest culprit in endometriosis is stress. Any disease that involves hormonal imbalance is primarily triggered by increased stress, so you may require some stress management techniques that will help you keep this problem at bay. Taking walks, trying not to over-think and perhaps starting a hobby or creating something can help a lot with coping with a stressful day or routine. With low progesterone levels that are a result of cortisol burning the progesterone, you can suffer from abnormally heavy periods that can cause a lot of pain. So, the key lies in balancing out your hormones and that can be done effectively by managing the raging stress levels.

I hope these simple tips help you overcome the symptoms of endometriosis, good luck!


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