How to Change Your Work Outfit Into a Party Outfit Instantly

We are reinventing fashion in 2018 and saying no to the tried and tested trends of the past. Who says that you can’t wear heels with an overall dress or that you must wear slip-on sneakers with a Maxi? Make new trends and follow them with confidence and no one will find faults with your fashion sense. On the contrary, people might start following you. After all, that’s how trends begin, right? One person does something unconventional, and they do it so brilliantly that everyone decides to follow their style.

One such trend that we need to change is the thinking that you can’t go to a party in your officewear. Do we not miss every other party because we are too tired after work and don’t want to go home, change, and then go out again? Ultimately, we end up having no social life at all because we just can’t be bothered to make an effort. But what if you can go to parties in your officewear? The tiniest changes in your look can instantly change the vibe of your dress and make you ready for a party. By learning the right tricks, you can transform your work outfit into a party outfit within minutes. Without any hassle, you will be ready to party. You will finally have a social (and night!) life.

The few basic tactics to change the overall vibe of your work outfit include replacing your oversized boring work bag with a sequin clutch, taking off those pumps or flats and wearing heels or boots instead, and substituting the plain tights with some gorgeous lace patterned tights. But here are a few points to help you make a more detailed change in your look and transform your work outfit to a party outfit instantly:

Accessorize and Transform:

You want to wear a lightly embellished sweater to the office today but the call you received from your friend five minutes ago telling you about a party has caused a bit of confusion. Because what will you wear tonight at the party? The answer is pretty simple, the same embellished sweater, duh. Pack another shade of lipstick, a handbag with pearls or stones on it, some stone earrings, a ring, and take these items with you to the office. At the end of the day, you can change your look, while staying in the same clothes, with the help of these accessories. Everyone at the party will be mesmerized by your look, and you will get many questions from the ladies like “what’s the name of the designer?” and “where did you get that jewelry from?” Also, don’t forget to let your hair down!

Sparkle up Your Look:

A shift dress is perfect for the office. It is a simple and elegant choice but did you know that it is also suitable for most occasions? You do now, and it is time you put that knowledge to use. The best way to change the look of your shift dress from an office outfit to party outfit is by pairing it with sparkly accessories. Let your hair down, add a gold or silver belt, stud earrings, and a statement necklace to your final look, and you will be ready to go and have fun at a party. For the right amount of glitter, wear golden sequin heels with the dress and brighten a party with your sparkly look.

Can’t Go Wrong with Leather:

Have to attend a party in a club and don’t want to look like an outsider by turning up in boring office clothes? Take the help of leather. Choose a formal dress for the office with a black skirt, a black coat, and a white shirt underneath. When it is time to hit the club, replace the coat with your leather jacket. Put on your leather boots and to enhance the party look, wear jewelry with black stones. Nobody in the club will have a better party look than you.

That Pencil Skirt Look:

You will never regret buying a pencil skirt. They are the perfect clothing item for both formal and party wear. They also let you change your work look into a party look in minutes. Get your lace pencil skirt out of your closet, pair it with a crisp oxford white shirt, pumps, and a gold belt and you will be ready for office. For your party look, you can replace the shirt with a sequined one and the pumps with suede heels. Add some jewelry and a pick up a clutch to complete your party look.

A good look increases your confidence in your choice, and you become brave enough to keep experimenting in the future. So next time you need to go straight to a party from office, don’t make your dress an excuse to get out of socializing and using little tricks change your office outfit into a party outfit.

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