How to Exfoliate Lips with Brown Sugar & Honey?

While everyone has a set of all they are all different. Some people have plump lips while others have thin lips. Some people have small lips while others have lips that are larger and attract attention. Whatever types of lips that a person has required care and attention. There are some common problems that our lips face and some easy ways to get them soft and kissable once again.

Common Reasons Behind Our Lip Problems- Habits and Diseases

There are some things that we do to our lips that damage them. Most of the time we do not realize we are doing anything to harm them. Some people have the habit of licking their lips. This removes moisture from the delicate skin. The saliva that is left behind on the lips also causes increased evaporation which dries the lips out even more. Flavored lip gloss causes some people to lick more for the flavor. When a person goes out into the sun they often take measures to protect their body. They often forget to protect the skin on their lips. This leaves the skin open to the sun and the damage that it causes. People forget to apply sunscreen products that are safe for the lips in addition to sunscreen for the body. There are some diseases that affect the lips. Cold sores need to be treated immediately as they dry out the lips and cause open blisters. Skin cancer can affect the lips as well. A person has to check their lips for bumps to make sure they are cancer free.

Honey for Moisturizing

Honey can be used to bring moisture back to the lips. Honey contains some properties of antibacterial that will soothe the lips and help prevent them from becoming infected. Honey will also help restore the moisture that the lips were missing. Honey can be applied to the lips several times a day to keep them smooth. Adding honey in brown sugar for exfoliating your lips can help a lot to keep them soft.

Brown Sugar for Exfoliating Lips

When the lips get dry and flakey they need to be exfoliated to remove the dead skin cells and to soften the skin. The dead skin cells will wipe right off as well as skin that is peeling and cracked. Brown sugar can be used to soften the lips and bring life back to this delicate skin. It is easy to make a paste with brown sugar and allow the lips to be healthy once again.

Making a paste to exfoliate lips at home is easy. Just take a little bit of brown sugar and add a touch of olive oil to it. Mix it just a little until it makes a paste. Take this mixture and dab it onto the lips. Let the paste sit for a minute. Using a wet washcloth rub the paste back and forth over the lips. After rubbing rinse the lips off with water. This makes the lips soft. For additional moistening apply a lip balm after doing this method.

Is it the Best Home Remedy?

There are many at home remedies that can be used to treat chapped lips and remove dry and cracked skin. Brown sugar is one of the best at home remedies. It is cheap to make. Many people already have brown sugar around their home. It is natural which drastically reduces the chance of an allergic reaction. The exfoliating paste can be used once a day and will not damage the skin. It is easy to apply and only takes a couple of minutes for soft lips. Brown sugar will gently remove dead and peeling skin cells without damaging the new skin that is underneath. This makes brown sugar one of the best home remedies for softer and smoother lips.

There are many at home remedies that can be used to make lips soft. Brown sugar and honey are some of the best ingredients to use for at home exfoliation and softening. These products will make the lips softer and smoother. They are easy to use and are inexpensive. When looking for ways to exfoliate the lips at home mixtures with both brown sugar and honey can be used to make the lips smooth and soft once again.

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