8 things that are making you look old

Teenage girls try so hard to look older, while 40 somethings try so hard to look younger. It seems we always want what is difficult to accomplish. Unfortunately, the teens probably have an easier time looking older than the 40 somethings do at looking younger.

With that being said, instead of concentrating on things to make you look younger, how about STOP doing things that make you look older?

8 things that are making you look old:

1. Using too light of a foundation color: 

You’ve seen these women, most are much older that try to pull this look off, think grandma. Pale face with bright pink blush (we’ll get to that one in a minute). These women not only look “old” but actually look like walking death. Sure, you need to match the foundation to your skin color but using a pink based foundation along with a light shade will only age you and make you look artificial to boot. Opt, instead, for a foundation with warmer undertones (yellow NOT pink), making sure the color does match your skin color. Use a matte bronzer to the points on the face where the sun naturally hits you, like the sides of the temples, cheek bones, center of forehead and along the jawline and chin, to add a bit more “life” to the face.

2. Using too dark of a foundation color: 

While you can look old and lifeless wearing too light of a foundation, you can also look old wearing too dark. Confused? That’s because, wearing too dark of a foundation color than your natural skin can make you look “rough” and almost splotchy and unhealthy. Apply the same solution as above.

3. Using too much blush, pink blush, to be exact: 

You’re 40 something, not 16 anymore, and pink is a color you really must 86 right into your trash can. Pink anywhere on the face can make a mature woman look old, harsh and artificial. The key when you age is to wear more natural colors and less makeup (more on that topic in a minute). Nothing says “scary” more than an older or old woman wearing bright pink blush and let’s not forget when she pares it with stark white foundation (see #1). Keep it natural by using peaches, apricots or melon colors. Also skip the old apply blusher to the apple of cheeks syndrome, and keep it high up on our face, right on the top of the cheekbone just under the outer corner of your eye. No, I didn’t say right up under the outer corner but on top of the actual bone which you can find just about an inch or so beneath the outer portion of your eye. Keep it light handed and blend!

4. All that shimmers doesn’t always glow: 

Especially when it comes to women with aged eyes where lines whether fine or deep are prominent. Shimmer shadows will only emphasize your lines screaming, “hey, look over here, aren’t these wrinkles cute?” Yeaaa, you don’t want to go there and there’s nothing cute about it. But what if you like shimmer and glittery things? All hope isn’t quite lost, you can still use very, very fine glitter type powders on the eyes like Makeup Forever Star Powders. You’ll get the sparkle without the crackle! As with the blush, go light handed with super fine glitters as well. Remember, you’re not 13.

5. Skinny or tadpole eyebrows, or worse yet, both:

I’m not sure who started this look, but I’m guessing that they’re aren’t giving brow advice for a living. This look, sadly, is used on even younger women these days. I’m guessing you have seen this look. Skinny brows in general will age your face and make you look extremely harsh. Not a cute look at all. Thicker, fuller brows are the epitome of youth. Eyebrows actually frame your face and fuller, well groomed brows will take off years, literally, when done right. Use a tiny angle brow brush with brow powder instead of a waxy pencil, using powder gives you a more natural look. Start by lining up your brush next to the outer most corner of your nose and that’s were your brow should start, then angle your brush from the same point of the nose out toward your pupil. The arch of your brow should be just above your pupil, then move it out toward the outer most corner of your eye, that is where your brow should end.

6. Wearing dark lipstick: 

Dark lips on an older woman isn’t always fashionable, and unless you have full bodacious lips (whether naturally or enhanced), stay away from the dark lippies! As we age, our lips naturally get thinner, starting with the upper lip. It actually recedes back and under. Sad, how everything, including our boobs “shrivel up” isn’t it? Dark colors obviously will bring attention to and make anything look smaller that it’s on, and your lips are no exception. Using a lighter, natural color not only will make them appear fuller and bigger but will soften your all over look making you look that much more youthful. Think beige, light beige, nude or even a very soft apricot.

7. Wearing too heavy of a foundation:

Granted, as we age, our skin becomes more and more imperfect, gone are the days of our face being all one color and spot free. We look in the mirror and see hyperpigmentation, blotchiness, eczema, etc. Yes, we want to cover it but at the same time you want to make your foundation look like your skin and not a thick paste of pancake batter. Choose a foundation that has medium to heavy coverage but with a smooth texture that can be mixed with a bit of moisturizer (Kevyn Aucoin’s The Sensual Skin Enhancer, Mehron’s HD Foundation and Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation, are all good choices). Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation and Mehron’s HD are fine on their own without a moisturizer and look flawless on the skin with almost perfect coverage. The Sensual Skin Enhancer also can be applied with a damp Beauty Blender as well. If you find that you need extra coverage only in certain areas, using a light to medium coverage foundation all over the face will do and just apply a nice pigmented foundation/concealer in the areas where needed. Use a concealer brush to ensure precise application. The Sensual Skin Enhancer is a fine choice as a concealer as well, because of it’s texture and coverage.

8. Wearing too much eyeshadow:

Sure back in the 80’s we looked hot with a ton of purple eyeshadow. However as we age, using a ton of shadow will only age us. Stick to natural shades like brown and taupe colors. If you want a pop of color, go for it, but use just a “pop”. You can apply a deep eggplant or green etc. in the center portion only of your crease for instance, to get your daily pop. Again, the application requires a light hand. Remember, natural doesn’t always have to be boring. Smoking out the eyes in brown and taupe for an evening out is fine, just blend and keep the color on your lips and cheeks neutral.

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