10 Perfect Health Tips For All The Working Women Out There!

I am drained!

Workout? No way!

Don’t you know how much I work? I can’t take more pressure.

Do you think that you heard the same thing from someone? We are not surprised that you did.

People have a plethora of reasons to avoid doing the workout. Moreover, the temptation of junk food hitches them like anything.

SMASH! Whoops! What happened? Did you hear the same sound? What broke? Oh! The weight scale or your heart? Well, this is what happens when you stop caring about your health.

We know that today’s woman isn’t kitchen bound. The scenario is entirely different now. Gone are the days when handling home was the only task for a woman. Now, women concentrate more on their personal growth. Sadly, they take care of their personal growth but forget taking care of their fitness.

Lately, a lot of cases of obesity have been reported. Poor fitness leads you to nothing but depression.

Hey you career oriented woman, it’s time to take care of your fitness along with your goal. We don’t want you to become another victim of killing obesity.

Maintain a proper exercise routine and have a balanced diet because your health is of utmost importance.

Don’t stress yourself out; we are not going to say that go for a hike every week.

Attention working women! Follow our fitness tips to stay healthy & active throughout the day.

01. Don’t be a lazy potato

Keep that body moving! In the office, try to walk a lot. Do not keep sitting on your chair, keep walking. When you are not doing something important, take a pause and go out in the corridor or walk in the office.

During lunch breaks, make a habit of walking for 15 minutes. One more thing, don’t stick to that chair and go for a small walk after half an hour.

Oh please, now don’t give an excuse that you don’t get a second for yourself. You can take out time for yourself if you want to. First of all, convince your brain that you will take small pauses between work just to walk.

02. Don’t keep unhealthy snacks at your home

Who will save you from obesity if you keep unhealthy snacks at your home? Well, nobody can protect you! But don’t worry we are here to rescue you. Say No to unhealthy snacks and remove them from your house, completely.

“I will die with the temptation of snacks,” please don’t say it. You look good when you smile. We honestly don’t want to see your crying face. You have an amazing substitute for it. There are so many amazing snacks available in the market which are healthy and keep you fit.

Better is to keep healthy snacks at your home. Whenever you feel that temptation, grab that snack and have it. Some available healthy options are saltine crackers, oatmeal cookies, dark chocolates, etc.

But wait! Don’t consume those snacks everytime you have that craving. Grab the snacks once a day.

03. Choose your exercise routine

We don’t want to hear from you that you don’t have enough time to exercise. It is so bad to neglect your health. Many of you will say that they don’t have to do exercise since they are not obese. This statement of yours won’t work here. No matter if you are slim, you still have to do exercise if you want to stay active if you want this body to keep functioning.

Freeze 20 minutes just for yourself. Choose your favorite workout and start moving your bones. You can do aerobics or can do a cardio workout. If you love free fall dancing, then you can do it. The real purpose is to keep that body moving and burn the stubborn fat.

04. Have a healthy breakfast

Skipping breakfast is not less than a sin. Trust us, to keep that body moving, make it a habit to have a healthy breakfast. Maintaining proper diet is more than necessary. Your breakfast should be filling enough. Wait, we are not talking about stuffing your mouth with tons of food. Make sure that your breakfast contains lots of fruits. Since fruits are rich in glucose, your craving will stay far away from you all the day.

05. Treadmill session is right for you

You say that you don’t have time to go for a walk, right? Don’t worry there are so many gyms around you. There is no harm in hitting the gym for 30 minutes if you are too stubborn to do a workout at home.

It’s a plus if you own a treadmill. Run on the treadmill for 10 minutes everyday. If you have dumb bells at home, then it’s fantastic. You can tone those biceps and triceps. If your upper body is heavy then tone it since you have all the needed weapons.

06. Drink water as much as you can

For good health, it is essential to drink lots of water. Mr. H2O will keep that body functioning properly. Since summers are here so don’t dehydrate yourself. Dehydration cause so many problems, it gives rise to countless diseases.

Do one thing, never dehydrate yourself. Even when you are in office and sitting in a chilled room, keep drinking water after every hour.

07. Your fitness report card

Sometimes, you lose the track because of not having an eye on your progress. Do one small thing, take one small book and convert it into your fitness report. In that fitness book, jot down your diet plan, list down the workouts you want to do.

Your fitness book won’t let you go off the track.

Don’t forget to celebrate those tiny victories when you complete a diet week. Reward yourself, grab a bite and keep moving with the same spirit. It’s good to have a cheat day every week, but you need to have control over your hunger games. Resist the temptation and don’t lose the pace.

08. Avoid carbs

Do you know that foods that are rich in carbs make you hyper? Here we are talking about the cookies & chocolates which you don’t stop eating.

Carbs rich foods hit your blood sugar level badly and start producing extra insulin which is not needed by your body. Eventually, you start getting fat.

Have you heard that sugar is more addicting than cocaine? Well, that’s 100% true. Don’t ruin yourself by consuming so many carbs.

09. Don’t overdo things

Adrenaline rush makes you go completely crazy and you forget that you are a human, not a robot. We just asked you to freeze 30 minutes or an hour for the exercise; we never asked you to spend your entire day in the gym. You have to maintain a healthy routine, not a crazy routine. Don’t overdo things else your workout sessions won’t be effective and you will feel no excitement about it.

10. A bit of flexibility is allowed

We know sometimes it gets troublesome for you to stick to one routine. Suppose that in the morning you did workout and the very next day a task comes up then don’t worry, be flexible. You can do the exercise in the evening rather than religiously following the trail of routine.

If any day the work pressure makes you go nuts then it’s alright. Breathe girl! That day you can quit the exercise but yes don’t make it a habit. Flexibility doesn’t stand for welcoming a bad habit. Keep a check on your daily routine and don’t let the sloth hitch you.

Bottom line

Since you are sitting behind the screen, it seems so easy to read the things and doing nothing about it. Well, we know we can’t do anything but you can. Look in the mirror and ask, is this how you want to see yourself. Ask if you are satisfied with the unhealthy habit of snaking? If not then it’s time to bring some positive changes.

Your fitness is essential. Bring some simple changes to life and witness your life taking a 360-degree turn for good.


Author: Cassandra Worthy is a female motivational speaker, business trainer, and a passionate blogger!

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