7 most useful mobile apps for a new mom

Could you imagine nowadays mother’s life without gadgets and applications? Right, it is kind of impossible. Why? Because they make our life easier and more interesting!

Here are 7 most useful applications which must be on your phone if you want to keep pace with the times and enjoy this great feeling to be a mother:

1. ContinuousCare Health App

ContinuousCare Health App

This application helps you be always aware of your and your babies health by giving information about current medications, health conditions, allergies, family medical history, temperature, etc, even giving an opportunity to get text and video consultations from doctors (asking them about medication or troubling symptoms). You just need to have a profile and add your medical story data there.

02. Baby Meal Planner- Baby Food Chart



Baby Meal Planner- Baby Food ChartNurturing sometimes is really challenging for women which become a mother first time. They don’t know what and when can eat their babies besides milk. The baby food chart application informs parents when and how they can introduce a particular food into their child’s diet. There are also given more than 150 foods and various 150 recipes which fit to baby’s nutritional needs and help you to plan ones daily eating.

03. Baby Photo App

Baby Photo App

Capturing precious moments of pregnancy and baby growing time is one of the important things of maternity. Baby Photo App is for saving all the awesome memories of this remarkable period. It helps to create cool and beautiful pictures with a special design and personalized text. You just take a picture and edit it by using filters, professional but very easy to use tools, add any text you want (like my Sweety is 9 Months! We are a big boss now! :D), it has a wide variety of creative artworks and even allows to share these photos directly to social media sites, emails, text with your friends and family.

There are many apps like this but this one is more convenient for use, has more contemporary cool options (you can learn more about them on www.babyphotoapp.com), and one more plus is being free.

04. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family OrganizerWith having a baby we become so busy that not always remember about things we need to do. This app is a family daily life organizer with a color-coded calendar (for individual and whole family schedule at once), creating appointments which can see all family members, reminders of events, shopping lists (shared grocery, add items by other family members), to do lists, recipe box, family journal, etc. So, if you like to manage your time effectively it could be very useful one to have on your phone.

05. Baby Manager – Baby Tracker & Breastfeeding track

Baby Manager - Baby Tracker & Breastfeeding trackWhat does give the Baby Manager our supermoms? It helps with keeping all the information about nursing, breastfeeding, diaper changes, sleep sessions, child’s growth, temperatures, walks and medications. It is a quite simple application but makes free your mind from keeping all this timing and details among daily routine tasks. Additionally, notifications help you to control your baby care even if you trust it a babysitter, or even allow other people to follow your baby’s life if you want so.

06. Family Budget Finance Tracking

Family Budget Finance TrackingWith a newborn child family’s costs grow faster and it is much better enjoying your time with your sweet child, rather than spend it on counting and checking if you don’t run out of your savings. This app plans incomes, expenses, personal, family, household or for other separate needs budgets, etc. All data represented in graphics to make your person usage of information more visible and understandable. The app has free and paid options.

07. Baby Sleep Instant

Baby Sleep InstantWhen all things are done and you are extremely happy for a day you had with your family, here is coming your child’s sleeping time. As it is known, babies not always get asleep easy and fast, that’s why all moms need some extra help. Here is another good app like Baby Sleep Instant. Instead of music or songs the application spells monotonic low-frequency sounds such as washing machine, shower, hair dryer, etc. Their effectiveness is proven by many parents’ experience.

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