Become A Better Parent By Making These 7 Smart Investments For Your Baby

Having a baby is a lot of work but it remains to be one of life’s many treasures.  Becoming a parent is not easy to as it is to say and you will really need to brush up on guides and compendiums to become the best one there could be. Beyond anything else, you need to become a wise buyer of all things related to babies so you don’t make any unnecessary purchases.

There are many items out there that you can buy for your baby boy or baby girl but the truth is not every one of these items are going to be useful. As such we have created a guide that introduces you to some of the items that you should invest in ahead of the special day your new family member is born.


Let us get the basics out of the way. A stroller is the most important tool a parent could have for his baby. These remain to be the safest way to get babies around. Since strollers are on wheels, there is less physical strain when bringing your baby wherever you go. It is definitely more comfortable than having a baby carrier.

When looking for a baby stroller, check out if the materials used are comfortable for your baby. You should also check if there are brakes on the wheels. However, brake systems are pretty standard when it comes to strollers so don’t worry too much about it.


A bassinet is a bed specially made for babies aged up to four months. While it is often confused with a cradle, baby bassinets are completely different. Cradles are generally designed to allow for rocking motions which helps the baby sleep more easily. On the other hand, bassinets are designed to have fixed wheeled legs or casters. These legs will you to gently move your baby around a room.

A  babyhood bassinet is a good early investment for you and other parents as its portability can be used to effectively keep a close watch on the baby at all times. Furthermore, bassinets are smaller compared to cribs. As such, it will be easier to place in the master bedroom as it takes up more space. However, do take note that because it is small, bassinets are no longer great once your baby grows a bit bigger.

This little bed is available to buy in stores that specialize in baby items whether you are browsing through online or physical retailers. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars for one. Alternatively, you can buy second-hand bassinets from other parents but do take caution in inspecting it before making the purchase. What out for cracks in the materials and most importantly, ask if its previous user had any health complications.


When your baby outgrows his bassinet, your best option would be to buy a crib. This option is even more applicable if your baby has his or her own room as cribs are large. Most cribs have barriers that prevent babies from accidentally falling off when sleeping so you can rest easy knowing that your baby is safe well throughout the night.

Booster Seat

High-chairs take up a lot of room in a house and their portability isn’t something to brag about as well. For parents, buying a booster chair is a great investment as it will help their babies sit more comfortably and safely.

Although most booster seats are made for toddlers, there are some special booster seats made to accommodate the small physique of babies. These come with cushions and straps to maximize your little darling’s comfort and security.

Baby Journal

As we’ve said before, having a baby is one of life’s biggest treasures. The emergence of social networking sites has made documentation an easier process but nothing beats a good old fashioned baby journal.

Baby journals essentially help parents keep track of the milestones their babies achieve. This includes the baby’s first steps, first words and so much more. When your baby grows up, he or she will definitely enjoy seeing how well she has grown up throughout the years. Baby journals are available in many stores but if you are feeling artsy, feel free to create one on your own.

Baby Monitor

For parents, there is nothing worse than having to hear your baby cry out of discomfort of pain. Perhaps one thing more horrible than that is realizing that he or she has been crying for a few minutes already but you weren’t able to hear it at all. This is why baby monitors are crucial to parents worldwide.

Baby monitors are essentially radio alarms that help you keep track of your newborn a lot easier. Simply place one of the walkie-talkies near your baby and carry the other, then you are free to go about your household chores without any worries. You can think of it as a walkie-talkie between you and your baby. When buying a baby monitor, you should be very discerning as quality items are not easy to come by.

The first thing you should look for in a baby monitor is the quality of the sound it produces. Aside from this, you can also check if its batteries are replaceable or rechargable. It is also good to see whether or not it has decent signal strength. The price of the best baby monitors go beyond $200 but there are decent ones that fetch for less than a hundred as well.

Baby Air Humidifier/Purifier

There are a lot of unseen elements in the air that could lead to your baby having an infection. Since their immune systems are still building up, the risks of them getting sick is still relatively high. That is why air humidifiers and purifiers are always a welcome choice.

This special product keeps your baby’s room clean, while keeping him or her healthy at the same time. Small humidifiers fetch for a few dollars only so it is truly worth the investment. It will take years before your baby outgrows an air humidifier so there aren’t many reasons not to buy one.

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