Roses: for love, friendship or appreciation

There’s something extra special about roses, and they have long been the symbol of love and romance, but their meaning is much deeper.

In Christianity, the history of roses dates as far back as ancient Rome when they were used to symbolize devotion to Venus, the goddess; and they were then later linked to the Virgin Mary (and led to the creation of the rosary for prayer). In the Islam and Sufism religions, the beauty of the rose provokes the song of the nightingale; and also refers to the Sufi master Jilani, known as “the Rose of Baghdad”.

Throughout the world, Catalonians use the rose to celebrate Saint George’s Day, or “lover’s day”; while in England the rose is actually the national flower with a history dating back to the English civil wars back in the 15th Century – so much so that these were later called the War of the Roses. The Rugby Union team and association in England have the rose as part of their emblem. And in the United States of America, the rose was adopted as the national floral emblem in the 1980s.

So much history… but did you also know the color of roses has a special meaning?

Before choosing which rose to give your loved one, friend, or foe; make sure you read the following guide, so you know exactly what color to choose to suit your special occasion:

RED is the ideal rose to choose if you want to show someone you TRULY love them. Red also represents beauty, courage, respect and is great for a “job well done” (though you should probably be wary who you give it to as they might think you’re in love with them – ie. you might not want to wish an employee a job well done with a red rose).

YELLOW roses represent friendship and can be given to cheer someone up, or as a Get Well Soon gift. They are also good for new beginnings, “welcome back”, to show someone you care – and if it has a red tip, it means you are falling in love.

LAVENDER roses are a color for enchantment and love at first sight, and it is also the color of royalty.

PINK roses represent grace and elegance and are ideal to show someone you are falling for them; also good to say thank you as they are great symbols of gratitude and appreciation. They also represent gentleness and admiration, and light pink is good for joy and happiness.

WHITE roses are a symbol of true love and ideal for brides for the wedding day – they represent purity, unity, happy love, and virtue. They are also an ideal sympathy rose for a loved one lost. They also stand for “I am worthy of you”, youthfulness and reverence.

ORANGE roses represent desire and passion and are a bridge between friendship (yellow roses) and true love (red roses). They are also good to tell someone you are proud of their achievements.

BLACK is the color to choose if you want to wish someone a final farewell after they have passed away.

Added bonus: Did you know the number of roses you give someone also has meaning?

Give one rose, and you are telling them you are completely devoted; two roses when entwined together is a wonderful way to propose, while three roses represent a shared love.

If you give someone six roses, this signifies a need to be loved and infatuation; 10 roses mean you believe your love is ideal; 11 roses mean you are very deeply loved.

If you give 12 roses, you’re saying “please be mine”; and if you receive 13 roses –this could mean you have a secret admirer … or it could mean you just want to be friends. Give 15 roses to tell someone you are sorry; 24 roses to shout out your love; and 40 roses if you want them to be yours for life.

Regardless of the color you choose, the meaning behind it, and the number you give – there’s no doubt roses are a wonderful way to tell someone you care or with someone special, you know you’re giving a gift that is powerful and beautiful.

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