Best Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Venue Using Flowers

A beautiful flower decoration can instantly change the wedding space environment. If you want to wow your guests with your flower decoration on the wedding venue, here are some creative ideas for you.


Wedding Centerpieces Decoration

The concept of centerpiece is not new. But it needs to have a fresh and creative look at your wedding venue. You can decorate the bottles, jam jars, glasses, and cups with fresh flowers to form your centerpieces. You can also use colorful laces and ribbons to decorate the jars. You however need to be careful about choosing your colors to prevent any mismatch between the jar color and flower color.

For instance, if you are designing a wedding venue in an English country, try to keep the fresh wildflowers from the countryside in your cream jugs. You can use tulips, gypsophila, and daffodils for creating cheerful spring out-looks. In China, it is a tradition to place mismatched flowers in your centerpiece. It creates an amazing look and feels at weddings.

If you’re trying something traditional, then place a tall centerpiece alongside some candles. This gives an extra ordinary look to the fresh flowers. It is crucial to ensure that the guests can see each other across the table with the decorated flowers.

Aisles and Pew Ends

Aisles and Pew Ends

Pew -ends flower decoration may seem old fashion for churches, but it can be a modern fashion for wedding venues.

Try small bunches of flowers or colored ribbons on the pews next to the aisle. Also, you could decorate the pews and wall corners of the wedding venue with flowers. In addition, you can also cover the table with flowers.

Big trees on your venue can form a great centerpiece if properly decorated. You can decorate it all around with paw end flowers. You can use contrasting colors for the flowers on paws. Ribbons and laces can make the centerpiece extra beauty.

Cake Decoration

Wedding Cake Decoration

Cake decoration with fresh flowers is a fashionable modern way of decorating your wedding venue. If you have a layered cake for your wedding, you can decorate the floor part of the cake rounding it with various colorful flowers. Then you can place a centerpiece flower at the top of the cake. The cake table can also be decorated with flowers. Here you can use centerpieces for decorating the table. But use chemical-free fresh flowers and remove the flowers immediately after cutting the cake.

Table Indication With flower

Table Indication With flower

The tables at the wedding venue have a number. You can make the indication in a different way using decorating flowers. This will increase the table’s beauty and also will create a gorgeous look. You can place the table number on a small beautiful flower bouquet. All of the flowers and table numbers can be put in a candle stand so that the table will keep clean and people will get enough space at the table. Here is a sample decoration for table indication.

Ceiling Decoration

Ceiling Decoration

You can decorate your ceiling with flowers. You can hang different shaped stand from the ceiling and then hang fresh flowers on it. You can surround the ceiling lights with single flowers. You can hang a big bouquet at the center of the venue ceiling. Colorful flowers should be used here so that they are visible to the visitors. Here are two samples for ceiling decoration with flowers.

Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration

Like the ceiling, you can decorate the venue walls with flowers. Flower bouquets can be placed on the wall corners. The overall wall can be decorated with single flowers. Clean the wall before placing flowers. The backstage wall of the wedding venue can be decorated specially. It should be more attractive than all the other walls.

The above flower decoration guide can give your wedding venue a beautiful, fresh and unique look. Try to maintain the perfect color combination in your choice of flowers and other decorating materials.

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