5 Gestures to Make Your Loved One Feel Special

Sometimes, simply saying “I love you” doesn’t fully express to your loved one how special they really are to you. When we say those precious words too often, they can begin to sound like “white noise” and don’t completely communicate our depth of affection.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t verbally express your love to the one that means so much to you. But what if you could really make them feel special by doing unexpected things that express your affection on a deeper level?

In this article, we’ll break down 5 everyday gestures that will make your loved one feel as special as you know they are.

Let’s dive in.

01. Give Your Loved One a Letter Written By Hand

Letter writing has become a lost art. It’s sad, really, that the vast majority of our communication has turned to digital over the last 20 years.

Many people are starting to experience digital burnout, and it’s no wonder why: we are all inundated with a bombardment of digital communication every hour of every day.

While it’s a sweet gesture to shoot your loved one an unexpected “thinking of you” text in the middle of the workday, an old-fashioned handwritten letter goes so much farther in making them feel special.

Don’t feel like you have to be an expert writer to make a big impact. Just take some time to remind them about all the things you appreciate about them and why they mean so much to you.

This simple gesture may have a bigger impact than you expect.

02. Brag About Your Loved One Openly To Others

Unfortunately, it can become a habit to tell others about the things that frustrate us about the ones we love. When’s the last time you bragged to your friends and family about something great your loved one did while he or she was around to hear it?

Did he recently complete a huge household project that took a lot of learning, time and energy? Did she just land a new job or get a huge promotion? When the two of you are hanging out with friends, bring it up! Tell your friends how proud you are of how hard they worked.

It’ll mean the world to your partner to be talked about in such a positive light.

Make a habit of it. Soon you’ll find that the old habit of complaining about what they didn’t do will start to fade away.

03. Compliments Go a Long Way

Sometimes we might be concerned that over-complimenting our loved ones will start to give them a “big head.” For the most part, that’s counterintuitive to what a healthy relationship can look like.

Make a habit of finding at least one (more is better) way to give a genuine compliment every single day. It can be something as simple as “I really like how your hair looks today,” or “you have the absolute cutest nose I’ve ever seen.”

Even if the unexpected compliments seem to make your loved one feel a little uncomfortable at first, deep down they have a very positive psychological effect.

Many people aren’t used to receiving compliments (how sad is that?), so if need be assure your partner that all they need to say in response is “thank you.”

This practice can also turn into a positive habit that will breathe fresh, new air into your relationship.

04. Spend a Weekend Together Without Any Technology

This might be difficult for some, but it’s more than worth the effort. Turn off your phones and put them away. Don’t boot up the laptop or iPad and leave the TV off.

Talk. Cuddle. Discuss life. Catch up.

Many relationships get lost in our world of technology, with constant notifications, news and the everyday distraction of social media.

How many times in the last week have you not been fully engaged in what your loved one was saying because you were distracted by your social media feed, or a friend was texting you about what they had for dinner?

Feeling like you’re playing “second fiddle” to technology can make anyone feel a bit underappreciated.

A weekend away from technology will help rekindle that lost spark that many of us feel in our relationships. It’ll also make your loved one feel special because you are putting their needs above the noise of the world.

Try it. It may not be easy at first, but you won’t regret it.

05. An Unexpected Flower Delivery Is Always a Great Idea

You may think this is a bit cliche, but it’s really not. Think about it: when was the last time you were at work on a random Tuesday and one of your co-workers received a flower delivery “just because?”

It doesn’t happen that often. Typically, people wait for special occasions to send a fast delivery of flowers to their loved ones.

Instead, pick a day and surprise them for absolutely no reason other than you love them and want them to know how special you think they are.

This goes for both men and women. While some men may think that receiving a delivery of flowers is weird (you might want to avoid sending him flowers at the construction site… maybe…), most men would feel very special and appreciated by such a gesture.

As for women: well, how many women have you met that don’t love being surprised by flowers?

As an added bonus, buying flowers on an average non-holiday is much less expensive than on days they’re “expected” (Valentine’s Day, etc.).

Start doing this a couple of times a year and your partner will wait with anticipation on when that next special day will arrive.

Never Take Your Loved One for Granted

These simple yet powerful gestures will help strengthen your relationship and bring a new wave of love into your home. Pick one and try it today. You’ll see what we mean!

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