Top 11 Gifts You Can Give New Moms This Winter

Being a new mom changes everything, and when it comes to shopping for winter gifts, what might have passed muster last year might not now. Bottles of wine? Jewelry? Maybe not this year.

If you’re looking for some gift inspiration for Christmas, or you’re just being a great husband/friend/partner, give a gift she will actually be grateful to receive. These are some of the best winter gift ideas for new moms.

1. Dressing Gown

She’s up and down in the middle of the night and she’ll probably want to wear something that is warm, easily accessible (for breast feeding) and maybe even has deep pockets for storing muslins and wet wipes.

A good dressing gown is a surefire winner when it comes to winter gifts for new moms. With many new-era styles, your options are not confined to the traditional grandmother gown that may come to mind.

2. Eco-Coffee Cup

A double whammy here. Save the world by reducing your plastic waste and give mom the option to grab and go. Eco coffee cups, such as bamboo cups, are a great option for moms on the go as they often have secure lids (to avoid spills) and many of them come in a variety of funky colors, too. Pick the option that best fits her style and she’ll be getting that much-needed caffeine wherever she goes.

3. A Baby Changing Bag

Do you even know how much stuff the average mom has to carry around with her on a daily basis? As well as diapers, wet wipes, muslins, changing mats and scented diaper bags, she will also need an assortment of toys, bottles and baby books.

Make her life easier with a baby changing bag. These often come with an array of easy-to-access pockets and a buggy-friendly hanging strap.

4. Wool Slippers

New moms can expect to be up at all hours of the day and night, making journeys throughout the house to tend to the seemingly endless childcare tasks. For these chilly months, a comfy and cozy pair of wool slippers will keep her toes warm at any hour. The great thing about Baabuk is that they operate an ethical production process, sourcing their wool from sheep that have not been subjected to mulesing. They handmake every slipper in their workshop in Nepal.

So not only do your feet feel warm and toasty when the snow is falling, you can also be safe in the knowledge that everyone in the production chain has been fairly treated. How’s that for a fair deal?

5. Un-Perfumed Hand Cream

With all the hand work and hand washing that goes on with a new baby, new moms need a little something to help them care for their skin. Perfumed creams can upset baby’s skin, so mom will prefer an unscented hand or skin cream, or one that uses only natural ingredients.

Creams with essential oils or natural fragrance that don’t contain harsh chemicals are best. This means mom might even be able to use some of it on baby too!

6. Gro Night Light

When baby has settled, the last thing you want is to put the big light on and wake him/her up! The gro night light is an ingenious solution which plugs into normal light fittings. It offers a dim night light, perfect for those dark evenings or even finding your way in the middle of the night.

7. Teething Necklace

As baby gets older you’ll find that they start to pull and chew everything. From hair and nose to earrings and necklaces… A teething necklace is a great way to accessorize with style while keeping baby amused. Stylish and functional!

A teething necklace is often a chunky beaded necklace with wooden or silicon stones or blocks. Perfect for baby to suck/chew on but not hurt themselves, and much better than biting into that silver or gold necklace!

8. Fluffy Socks

In the deep midwinter, everyone loves a pair of fluffy socks! Although they’re not as versatile as a good pair of wool slippers (you can’t wear them to dash out to the mail box or slip them on in the night for example), a nice pair of socks is perfect for lounging by the fire or walking around on cold floors.

9. Maternity Hoodie

There are several varieties of hoodie designed for expectant and new moms. These often have stretchable side panels, fleeced lining and either a detachable kangaroo style panel for baby or space at the front for baby in a sling.

10. Muscle Relaxing Bath Soak

Any new mom will have experienced a lot of stress and tension in the run up to, during and after the birth of their brand new pride and joy. OK, let’s be honest, the stress doesn’t really end for mom at any point (the challenges just change at every stage).

Take the weight off mom’s shoulders with an indulgent relaxing bath soak. Hopefully she’ll find some time to enjoy it!

11. Spa Break/Massage

A bath soak not quite cutting it? Send mom away for a couple of hours of well earned bliss. Many towns will have a local spa or masseuse who can ease out those knots and help her unwind so treat her to a midwinter massage to really get rid of the blues. Ask them about gift cards or packages.

Caring for a new baby is hard work, but no one ever said it wasn’t worth it. So give the new mom in your life one of these great gifts this winter.


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