Why is Baby Proofing Important?

As we all know, “prevention is always better than cure“. Babies are always high on energy and hence, cannot always be controlled or monitored. But vigilance has to be kept whenever babies are active enough and are awake. Baby proofing is all about safeguarding the babies from any kind of danger or impairment that might eventually harm them.

Baby proofing is always necessary be it indoors or outdoors. Baby proofing is necessary for kids and for parents too as this gives them a mental calmness and sense of security regarding the safety of their kids. Many of us do not realize the significance of ensuring safety when it comes to kids and hence, we must discuss the importance of baby proofing these days.

Apart from providing the child with good nutritious food, good comfortable clothes, and a comfortable place to stay, protection and security does matter. Security from any kind of danger that might happen is necessary when toddlers are active and energetic. They are too young at this time to predict the consequences of their actions. They are also sensitive and delicate and may be easily prone to injury.

Kids are Extremely active

Playing is the major part of our childhood, and as we know, it also leads to small cuts and injuries that parents should learn from. Small injuries can teach us to ensure the safety of our kids so that more serious injuries don’t occur while they play. We all know, kids are very active and full of energy; this might bring about serious accidents too. We should be twice as sure regarding the environment around them. We must always be careful to place the right things near children, and be sure to remove those items that are not safe, so that those articles might not harm the child.

24×7 vigilance is always not possible, and for this reason, baby proofing is of the utmost importance. A child might be energetic enough; but we must realize that he/she still has softer skin, softer bones, sensitive body parts and delicate organs. Hence, the kid is energetic, but fragile. We must keep away hard wooden or metal edges to ensure safety.

We often hear about hard and heavy furniture items toppling and falling upon children, and their parents were not aware of any danger. This is the reason we should keep away or keep secure harder wooden objects or heavier furniture made of metal or wood. Kid-friendly furniture is available on the market as a smaller and lighter alternative.

Keeping children away from electronic goods

Kids are good learners and can grasp information quite easily and quickly. Whenever they see any adult or their parents handling any electronic gadget in front of them (quite commonplace these days), the kids pick up that behavior quickly and try to emulate it by taking the electronics in their own hands. In fact, complicated and rather dangerous electronic devices are sometimes considered to be play things and toys by the kids. Electronic items are quite enticing and attractive to the children; hence, any mishap might occur if baby proofing is not undertaken wisely enough.

Being aware of open spaces

Kids love being in the open and under the sky. Kids enjoy playing everywhere including climbing to high places, being on the terraces or playing around the windows or doors. In fact, these open corners and open spaces are really attractive for kids who are inquisitive enough. We all know quite well what the consequences could be if a child falls down or slips down from any of these places like a terrace, roof top, door or window. Hence, caution is necessary. Being extra careful is always suggested.

Baby proofing for stairs

Stairs are common in every house and accidents occurring upon them are too common as well. We adults can cope with these injuries after we fall or trip upon a stair case; but kids are more sensitive and more easily hurt. In fact, infant accidents from falling on stairs have become so common that baby proofing in this arena is a must. Kids love to move up or down along the steps of a staircase; and hence, accidents on stairs are very common. But baby proofing can prevent that too.

Toilets are to be taken care of and made suitable for kids

One must use suitable toilet arrangements for kids. The toilet set up must be suitable for a child. Also, the parents must be extra careful while the child is using the wash room as he/she might fall down, might slip, or might drown in a bath tub. Adults must be sure to keep out of reach of children any harmful toiletries or dangerous items that are not suitable for a child.

Also keeping the child away from the kitchen is another wise suggestion. In fact, baby rocking chairs are good options to keep the child contained, busy, entertained and provide him/her with enough comfort if you are busy in the kitchen. Hence, an array of modern rocking chairs is available these days in the market.

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