Treating Red Itchy Skin Under The Eyes

Most women know that the skin underneath the eye is especially sensitive. As a rule, women are taught to never rub their eyes, and to beware of harsh chemicals in eye makeup. Women generally are pretty good at following these rules, but women still wake up in the morning with red, itchy skin under their eyes. Not only does this make a woman appear older and less alert, this can occasionally be a warning sign signally the beginning of a health problem.

Causes for Red, Itchy Skin around the Eyes:

The skin around the eye area is extremely sensitive and very thin. Irritation, redness, puffiness, and even itchy dry skin is a common and usually easily treatable condition. There are several causes of skin irritation around the eye, and by answering a few simple questions, most women can find and treat the cause themselves.

  • Often when a woman is having problems with red, itchy skin under her eyes, it is caused by an allergic reaction. Facial products such as moisturizers, soap, and makeup can irritate the thin, sensitive skin under the eye. A cream containing hydrocortisone can soothe and cure the problem, but prolonged use can thin the skin more than it already is. Generally, women who switch to hypoallergenic facial products, and lighten up on the amount of makeup that they wear, have few skin problems.
  • Wearing ill-fitting glasses can cause skin irritations around the eye. If contacts are an option, some women have found relief simply from switching their glasses for contacts. Frames that rest against the skin can leave behind a bacterium that reddens and irritates the skin.
  • For many women, red, itchy skin under their eyes is caused from their allergies. For many allergies suffers, relief is found from their health care provider. In the cases where the irritation is caused from dust or pet hair, a cool damp cloth or cucumber slices can help alleviate the allergy symptoms.

Treating Red, Itchy Skin Under the Eyes:

  • Many women found using an unscented laundry detergent, especially on their pillowcases, helped to stop the under eye skin from becoming red and scratchy in the mornings.
  • Unfortunately, there is no treatment or cure that completely prevents red, itchy skin under the eyes. Some easy remedies can help to reduce and treat the signs of red, irritated skin. Easy and affordable, these little tricks can help every woman to always look their best.
  • Moisturizing not only helps skin look fresh and younger, well moisturized and hydrated skin is also less prone to attacks of redness and itchiness. Moisturizing will also help to cool irritated skin so the redness subsides faster.
  • For quick soothing relief, wash the skin around the eyes with baby shampoo. Using a cotton swab gently wash the affected area. The shampoo will gently clean and moisturize soothing the entire affected area.

In most cases, treating occasional red, itchy skin under the eyes is easy and safe. For persistent problems, a healthcare professional should be consulted as it could signify a more serious eye problem such as conjunctivitis or another type of eye infection.

Red, itchy skin under the eyes is irritating and unattractive. With treatment and occasional common sense, any woman can be back to looking her natural best.

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