Treat Diabetes With Herbs

Diabetes is a condition when the body stops the production of insulin. A diabetic patient is dependant on the daily insulin intake. Insulin is the hormone that converts sugars into energy and a lack of insulin will result in the blood sugar levels shooting up. There is no solid proof regarding the causes of diabetes apart from the fact that it is considered to be hereditary. Obesity and lack of physical exercise and stress are also considered as causes for diabetes. Diabetes increases the risk of various infections, heart diseases and stroke.

Bitter gourd is an effective home remedy for diabetes. It is regarded as the best remedy for diabetes. Bitter gourd taken in any form is helpful in the treatment of diabetes and especially bitter gourd juice in empty stomach is supposed to be more effective. Bitter gourd cooked in ghee can be taken regularly for three months as an effective diabetes fighting diet.

Gooseberry juice mixed with bitter gourd juice taken regularly can also help the pancreas produce more insulin. Bael and gurmar leaves are also herbal remedies for diabetes. Fenugreek seeds can be added to foods and a tea of fenugreek can also be consumed to lower the sugar levels. Mix a bit of fenugreek powder with turmeric and pepper and have this powder with milk regularly. Turmeric is also effective in treating diabetes. Onions and garlic can keep the sugar levels under control. Neem leaves are beneficial for the body especially with regards to keeping disease causing microorganisms away; it is also good for diabetes patients.

A tea made of a few neem leaves and basil leaves can be taken regularly to regulate blood sugar levels. Green vegetables, soy, fish etc should be added liberally to the diet during the treatment of diabetes. A teaspoon of powdered cinnamon taken daily can regulate the blood sugar levels. Make a decoction of mango leaves in water and keep it overnight to be taken on empty stomach every morning. This is an effective remedy for diabetes. Curry leaves can be chewed in raw or made into chutneys to be consumed as a herbal remedy for diabetes. Gooseberry is beneficial for diabetes. Gooseberry juice mixed with lemon juice can be taken on stomach in the morning regularly to overcome diabetes.

Regular exercise and a structured diet is essential to control diabetes. Avoid red meat and excess salt in the diet. White bread, potatoes, rice, sugar and sugary foods can boost the carbohydrate and sugar levels and in the absence of sufficient insulin to convert them into energy, this will result in a high level of blood sugar. Smoking and drinking alcohol can also be detrimental to the health of a diabetic patient.

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