Safe Sleep For Your Little One

Most babies spend the better part of the day sleeping. Since you may not always be there to watch over them, it’s important to ensure that the sleeping surface and bedding are safe for them. Unlike adults, babies need someone to keep checking on them to ensure they’re not trapped under their blankets. But even as you do that, it’s better to ensure their sleeping surface is safe.

Safe sleep can help protect the baby from sudden infant death syndrome. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore this, if you care about the safety of your child.

If you’re not sure about the dos and the don’ts when it comes to putting your baby to sleep, please read on to find out more.

The Dos

Below are some of the things you should do to ensure the little one sleeps safely.

  • Lay Your Baby On His Back – the safest sleeping position for a baby is on his back. Never let the baby sleep on their stomach or sides. Babies sleeping on their bellies or sides may not get enough supply of oxygen and, therefore, may end up suffocating.
  • Babies Should Sleep On a Flat Firm Surface – Always use the mattress specifically made for your baby’s crib. The mattress should fit well in the crib and remain firm even when covered with a tightly fitted sheet. This is to prevent the baby’s head from sinking deep into the mattress, which may lead to suffocation. You can always check the available crib mattresses from any online store that does baby bedding sale.
  • Let Your Baby Sleep Alone In The Crib – It’s very risky to share a bed with your baby. Bed-sharing is the most common cause of death in young babies. Instead of having them in your bed, just lay them in the crib and put it close to you. Additionally, ensure the crib you buy meets all the safety requirements.
  • Keep The Room At a Comfortable Temperature – Infants are very sensitive to changes in temperature. They become uncomfortable when temperatures go to extremes. Therefore, ensure you keep the room at moderate temperatures for the baby to sleep comfortably.

The Don’ts

Avoid the following if you want your baby to sleep safely.

  • Never Use a Pillow For Your Baby – A pillow is good for supporting the head, but it’s not safe for infants. It can block your baby’s nose and mouth, leading to suffocation. Therefore, avoid pillows completely, especially during the first three months.
  • Don’t Use Thick Blankets – It’s important to keep the baby warm, but that doesn’t mean you tuck them under heavy blankets. Instead, dress them warm and use thin blankets to cover them. Young babies can get their faces stuck in heavy blankets, and this can lead to suffocation. Therefore, avoid thick blankets at any cost.
  • Never Use Sleep Positioners – Also known as anti-roll pillows, sleep positioners are normally placed on either side to keep the baby in place. However, these products aren’t safe. The baby can get trapped in between them, leading to suffocation. Instead of wasting money on these products, let your baby sleep on their back.

With these tips, your baby will sleep safe and sound. As you look for the right crib for your little one, you can lookout for any available online dresser for sale.

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