7 reasons to wear the correct bridal lingerie on your wedding day

Even though a lot of planning goes into preparing for one’s wedding day, many women forget to spend time on one of the most important details: their lingerie. While having the perfect wedding dress should be prioritized, choosing the right bridal lingerie is essential to you feeling confident both in and out of your dress.

Choosing Your Bridal Lingerie

Though your big day is about so much more than what’s going on underneath your gown, choosing the right bridal lingerie matters more than you think. Keep reading for seven reasons to wear the right lingerie on your wedding day.

1. You Should Be Comfortable on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be one of the greatest days of your life. You’re marrying your soulmate in front of friends and family and celebrating your love together. Though it’s a day full of magic, it will likely be one of the longest days of your life. If you think what you’re wearing underneath your wedding dress doesn’t matter, you’d be wrong.

You’ll be on your feet from the moment you wake up until the time you ride off into the sunset. If you fail to choose the correct lingerie, you’ll find yourself incredibly uncomfortable for the majority of the day. As you shop for the right lingerie, make sure you only choose a set that you are completely comfortable in.

2. The Lingerie Must Complement Your Dress

In addition to being comfortable, your bridal lingerie must complement your wedding dress. If you were to choose your lingerie before your wedding dress, there is a chance that the dress and your lingerie won’t go well together. For example, if you purchase a bra with straps or a bright red set and choose a strapless dress or very sheer fabric, you’ll find that your lingerie will make more of a statement than you intend it to.

After choosing your dress from any physical or online wedding dress shop such as luvbridal.com.au, you’ll then be able to start shopping for the correct bridal lingerie. As you shop, keep in mind how your bridal undergarments will look with the wedding dress on. You may even consider taking your wedding dress with you so that you can try both on in the dressing room.

3. You May Have Multiple Outfit Changes

It’s doubtful that you will be wearing the same dress before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. If you plan on having multiple outfit changes on your big day, you have to consider how your bridal lingerie will fit with your multiple outfits. Though one set might work for the wedding dress, if you are switching it out for another style, you’ll likely need a lingerie set that matches.

Solve this problem by bringing two sets of lingerie with you on your wedding day. Each set will perfectly complement whatever outfit you have in mind, ensuring that you look perfect in any photos.

4. The Quality of the Lingerie Matters

You could tell yourself your bridal lingerie isn’t that important since your wedding is just one day, but that’s just it–this lingerie will be the most important set of underwear you’ll ever wear. Take pride in your wedding day outfit by making sure your bridal lingerie is high quality.

Whether you get your lingerie custom-made or you just invest in a higher quality fabric, you’ll find that you enjoy your set that much more than if it was a cheaper alternative. Moreover, with a set like this, you’ll be sure to keep using your bridal lingerie for a long time.

5. Your Best Fit May Change

When you find your perfect set of lingerie, you may think that you’ve got your bridal underwear covered, but you may still have a few fittings left before your wedding day. Depending on how far away your wedding date is, you may experience several different changes in sizes.

Instead of waiting until your wedding day to realize that your lingerie is too small or too big, keep monitoring the fit of your underwear until the big day. Don’t be afraid to switch up your lingerie if you find that the fit has changed significantly. As long as your chosen set goes well with your wedding day outfit of choice, you’ll be fine.

6. The Color of Your Lingerie Doesn’t Have to Be White

While you may be under the impression that the “correct” color of bridal lingerie is white, it doesn’t have to be. Though white is the traditional color and will likely blend well under almost any style of wedding dress, don’t hesitate to explore different colors. Colors like champagne, rose-gold, and beige are excellent options if you’re looking to change things up.

If you’re really hoping to go crazy with the color, try to save your more festive sets for later on during the reception. Depending on your outfit, you’ll be able to wear reds, blacks, navy, or any other bright or bold color that you want.

7. Your Bridal Lingerie Should Make You Feel Sexy

At the end of the day, the right bridal lingerie will make you feel confident. The style that you choose should offer you support and comfort, all while giving you all the sexiness you deserve. Since your new spouse is likely the only other person that will see your bridal lingerie, wear something that will give you all the confidence you need on your wedding night.

In your rush to prepare for your wedding day, don’t forget what’s going on underneath it all. Keep this guide in mind as you begin your search for your perfect bridal lingerie set.

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