Will a Brow Lift Change the Shape of my Eyebrows?

Because the skin of the face and neck bears the brunt of impact from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the wind, environmental toxins and similar issues, this is also the area of the body that tends to show the signs of aging first and most visibly.

As well, over time, time itself can change the resting expression of your face. Gravity plus the natural process of aging, which causes skin to gradually lose elasticity and begin to wrinkle and sag, can turn a calm, serene countenance into a perpetually perplexed, worried, sad or angry appearance.

Biology and genetics combined with lifestyle and personal habits can make these changes more or less pronounced. A brow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to turn back the clock by reversing the natural effects of gravity on the brow and forehead areas of the face.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, which is often also called a forehead lift, is a procedure that is carefully designed to restore a youthful appearance to the brow and forehead areas of the face.

There are two approaches that can be used to perform a brow lift surgery: open surgery and endoscopic surgery. The open surgery approach employs a combination of small incisions to smooth and lift the skin and muscles of the brow and forehead. The endoscopic approach uses a special surgical micro-camera combined with micro-incisions to achieve the same.

The approach that is best for each patient will be determined based on the patient’s needs and preferences in combination with the surgeon’s guidance.

Will a Brow Lift Change the Shape of the Eyebrows?

Rather than saying a brow lift will change the shape of your eyebrows, it is more correct to say a brow lift will restore the former youthful shape and contour of your eyebrows. If you look at photos of yourself from five or 10 years ago and wish you could turn back your facial clock, that is precisely what a brow lift procedure is designed to do!

By reversing gravity’s effects surgically, which can lead to sagging, furrowing, wrinkling and loosening of the tissues beneath and around the brow and forehead area, a brow lift achieves a lifting, tightening and brightening of this entire region of your face.

The post-operative impact of a brow lift is one where the patient is perceived as being rejuvenated, refreshed, well rested and at ease. If you are tired of hearing people ask you what is wrong, what you are worried or angry about or why you look so tired, a brow lift could be the perfect choice for your facial appearance goals.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

As long as you are in good health in all other ways and are at or near your ideal body weight, you will likely be considered to be a good candidate for a brow lift procedure.

It is important to tell your surgeon if you have any past known intolerance to anesthesia, are on any medications designed to prevent clotting or thin the blood, are currently being treated for a major health condition or have any known skin issue that causes excessive scarring.

In these cases, your surgeon may recommend postponement or an alternate approach to your brow lift procedure.

What Is a Brow Lift Procedure Like?

Your first step towards scheduling your brow lift procedure is to schedule a consultation with your surgeon of choice here at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami. During your consultation, your surgeon will take your full personal and family medical history, do an exam of the area to be treated and talk with you about your appearance goals post-treatment.

You can also your questions and even bring pictures that illustrate your treatment goals. Your surgeon may take photos and make notes about your treatment goals. After your initial consultation, you can schedule your procedure date if you are ready.

What Is Recovery from a Brow Lift Procedure Like?

As with all surgical procedures, patients tend to be worried if there will be any pain. The good news here is, the brow lift procedure tends to create minimal discomfort post-operatively.

This is an outpatient (day surgery) procedure, so you will be able to return home the same day. Your surgeon will make sure you have all preparation and post-operative recovery instructions as well as any medications in advance so you can prepare fully.

You may notice some temporary swelling, bruising, tightness and/or tenderness near the incision sites, but overall the discomfort is typically minimal.

You can expect to return to work within seven to 14 days and perhaps even sooner if you have a job that is not physically taxing. If you are concerned about the appearance of any swelling or bruising, your surgeon can make recommendations for safe camouflage makeup you can use.

By 14 days after surgery, you can expect to be back to your daily routine, with the exception of certain types of physical activity. Your surgeon will advise when vigorous physical activity and/or lifting can be done safely.

How Long Will My Brow Lift Results Last?

As long as you have selected a highly trained and experienced board certified plastic surgeon, you can expect to enjoy the results of your brow lift surgery for many years to come!



Dr. Jason Altman, Dr. Marcelo Ghersi and Dr. John Oeltjen are the founders and medical directors of the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami. The Institute is pleased to announce its expansion to Coral Gables on Miracle Mile.

Drs. Altman, Ghersi and Oeltjen are each board certified by the The American Board of Plastic Surgery, ensuring each patient will be cared for by a surgeon who has received the highest level of training and certification in the industry.

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