5 Tips for Every Bride to Create Their Dream Wedding Gown

Getting married is very exciting. Many women dream of a wedding where they can take center stage and dazzle as they walk down the aisle. Part of a woman’s dreams for her wedding day is what she’s going to wear. Many women have a vague idea of the kind of wedding dress they want but aren’t sure of the details. While they think in general terms, narrowing down the specifics is hugely important. A great wedding dress shows off a woman’s figure to perfection, creates happy memories and makes her feel special. Think about varied factors when it comes to choosing a dress. This includes the woman’s overall body type as well as other details such as when and where the wedding will take place.

Her Overall Wedding Plan

A wedding dress should fit into the woman’s overall plans for her wedding day. Weddings can be very formal or slightly even a bit casual. For example, a woman may be having her wedding at a landmark church and then the reception at one of finest restaurants in Australia. Or she might choose to have her wedding by the ocean as her guests sit next to her on the sand. Each occasion calls for a different type of wedding dress. If she’s asking her guests to dress up, she may want a wedding dress in a much longer length along with a long veil and a tiara. If she’s holding her wedding in the center of a park she might want to opt for something less fancy that’s easier for her attendants to handle as she walks. The same is true of a bride getting married for the second time who might aim for a dress that’s a little more subdued.

A Woman’s Body Type

All women have different body types. Some women are tall while others are more petite. Some women have a larger bust. Other women may have a more slender figure. Each bride should know her figure type and how best to show it off on her big day when she shops at a Bridal store. For example, a woman with a smaller waist will want to think about styles that call attention to this area such as the classic ballgown with a fitted bodice. A woman with a fuller figure may want to opt for a style such a line gown that flairs out at the hips and calls attention to the face. Taller women can opt for a sheath that shows off their long legs while more their more petite counterparts might opt for a mermaid style with more fabric at the bottom that gives them height and adds interest to the dress.

The Type of Fabric

Many different types of a fabric are available to create a fabulous wedding dress. Popular choices include silk, satin, and lace. Beautiful fabrics look great on the bride. Any bride should think about the kind of fabric she wants to use in her dress. Fabrics that have sheen show off well in indoor spaces like cathedrals. They’re also ideal for use for an evening wedding when she wants all eyes on her. Many modern wedding dresses use a combination of fabrics. The bodice may be made of an underlay of satin while there’s embroidery in cotton lace. Certain fabrics are more expensive and may take more time to work with so a bride should make sure she allows enough time for the creation of her dress. A bride who is thinking about remaking a dress from a beloved relative should work with an expert. Older fabrics may have highly delicate fabrics that can get damaged over time so they need special care to be adapted for her figure.

Little Details

Other little details really make a dress come to life. It’s crucial to think about things such as the kind of neckline she wants. For example, a sweetheart neckline is an ideal way to bring the eye upwards and call attention to a woman’s beautiful eyes and hair. Many brides today like sleeveless dresses that show off their slender arms. Keep in mind that a local wedding venue may have a dress code that requires covering certain body parts during the wedding. Many wedding dresses have special embroidery that adds detail when seen up close. This is a great way to take any ordinary dress and pay homage to past traditions. A woman may also want to have a wedding dress with seed pearls or sequins. Look closely at any ready-made dress and see the details on the bodice, back, and sleeves. A dress with elegant details should be one that is designed to the bride’s personal tastes and her own sense of style.

Her Accessories

A wedding dress should also be designed around every single element of the bride’s look. This includes the train or lack of a train, any headpiece and even the dresses that her maid of honor and bridesmaids are going to wear. If opting for an elaborate tiara, a simple design may be called for shows off the headpiece well and draws attention to her hairstyle. A woman may have a cherished family veil that’s been handed down for generations in her family or pieces of jewelry that have been worn by many brides in her family. A bride should also think about the kind of shoes she’s going to wear. Shoes add height and this can displace the train and hemline. For a more formal wedding, many brides opt for a long hemline that extends past her feet and outwards. This may require her to have help as she walks down the aisle so keep that in mind. The same is true of a veil that she wears down her back. Ultimately, the best wedding dress is one that every bride must find for herself. A dress that combines the best of the past and the modern world is ideal.

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