9 Signs That I Need a Facelift

Some people age well, and some of us don’t age that well. Aging often affects some people when they wake up in the morning only to see the lines formed from tensions and stress from the daily stress at work and home. If you are thinking of going to a cosmetic surgeon for a facelift procedure, there have to be some signs that will assure you that you need to go for a facelift.

A facelift, which is also known as rhytidectomy works to reduce the signs of aging on the neck and the face of a patient. Most people don’t pay attention to the aging signs. So, to understand what to look out for, we are going to make it easy for you to know when you need to go for a facelift procedure.

Ineffective use of anti-aging creams

There are quite a number of OTC products that are recommended by dermatologists to slow down aging by reducing wrinkles. In some cases, you might have exhausted quite a number of products over the years, and the results you see are not working for you. If you are one of the people who has tried different anti-aging products to eliminate the aging signs, then, consulting with a doctor for the right solution for your aging issues is an important step to take.

Aging naturally

We are all bound to deal with aging skin as we grow older. Over your lifetime, it is easy to develop scars, allergies and even disfigurements from birth injuries. To correct these accidents, you can use several cosmetic procedures like using dermal fillers, BOTOX or facelift that can be recommended to you.

Deeper fine lines and wrinkles

Most of the times, we can easily notice fine lines and wrinkles, but where we fail is noticing how deep they are. When people get into their late thirties, face lines and wrinkles become permanent, especially if the face stays in one state. You will notice the fat that is below the skin thinning out and the areas around the eyes and mouth forming deeper lines when laughing or smiling. To correct these flaws, noninvasive procedures can be done to them.

What we all need to understand is that the face is a key player in our identity because it is most often the first thing that others see when they meet you. When you feel that your face has changed so much that you can’t see the person you are looking at in the mirror, you might be in dire need of a facelift to improve your self-esteem and your confidence.

We are going to look at other reasons as to why you need a facelift procedure.

Tighter muscles

The muscles that are in our face also need tightening just like the muscles in our abs and glutes. Although smiling, frowning and laughing might be exercising the muscle, they may not be enough to build strength in the muscles. The muscles that are beneath the skin on our face are known as a superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS); the nature of the muscle is to get weak as we age. To tighten them configuration and the structure of SMAS, a facelift needs to be done for the skin’s tension to resume. So, if you notice that your face has started to sag at an early age, it is a sign that you need to go for a procedure to tighten them up.

Scars and discoloration on the face

Scars and discoloration can make someone have low esteem, especially if the scars are caused by acne. But it also depends on the level of scarring done on the face., if you have visible mild scarring, facelift procedures can correct them, but if you have deep tissue scars, it may not be easy to fix using noninvasive facelift procedures. If you combine resurfacing and facelift, you will get long lasting results.

Puffy low eyelids or droopy upper eyelids

If you have squinty eyes, or you have a hard time removing the puffy look on your eyelids no matter the product you use or the amount of rest you take, an eyelid procedure can be a good recommendation. You will have a lot of confidence fixing this issue by going through eyelid surgery and a facelift to correct this issue. When you have a puffy eyelid, you tend to look older and more tired all the time. When a plastic surgeon opens up our eyes, you will look younger and more present to people you talk to.

Diminished fullness of the cheeks

When we age, fatty deposits that give shape to our cheeks usually droop or sag. When you see your cheeks starting to look hollow, a facelift to restore the youthful appearance by raising the fatty pads is necessary.

Jowls development

Once jowls form, there is nothing that can eliminate them. The word itself is depressing. There is no amount of facial exercise, special diet or cream that can work on them. If you notice that jowls have formed, the only remedy is undergoing a facelift to resolve the definition of the jawline.

Marionette lines appearance

Marionette lines are the wrinkles that begin from the corner of the mouth to the edges of the chin. They make someone look like a puppet, and there is no reason as to why you should tolerate them. The good thing is that a facelift can dramatically reduce the marionette lines.


Technology has helped us to resolve some of our aging issues with noninvasive procedures that take a few minutes to complete. This allows us to counter aging issues seen on our face easily. But to ensure that you make the right choice, working with your cosmetics surgeon is the best way to know which treatment you really need, or even if you need one, or you are overly conscious of any line that forms on your face.



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