5 Ways to Get Stains Out of Your Leather Jacket

A high-quality leather jacket is always in fashion. No matter how old it is, what color or style it is, once you’ve bought it, it becomes your statement piece for life. But the trouble is that when the time comes to clean your jacket, you won’t be able to pop it into the washing machine and call it a day. No. It takes a lot of careful deliberation when cleaning your leather jacket.

Bomber, trench or moto, your leather jacket deserves some tender loving care to keep it looking brand new and beautiful for decades to come. To find out how to clean your leather jacket the right, the specialists at LeatherSkinShop weigh in with the following expert tips:

1. For starters, prevention is always better than a cure.

It is only natural to want to keep your leather jacket shiny new, after all, it is a significant investment because leather jackets don’t come cheap. That’s why when buying your leather jacket, also get a leather protectant spray to keep the leather protected from the adverse effects of water spills, showers, and rain. Water can seriously harm your leather jacket, leading to discoloration and damage. Reapply the spray every few weeks to ensure continued coverage of protection to your leather jacket.

2. Use alcohol to remove ink stains.

Light and pastel colored leather is all the rage on the runways. But the trouble with your cream leather jacket and the taupe leather bag is that these are easier to stain than the traditional black and brown versions. What if you drop a black pen on your new white leather jacket?

That ink stain is going to ruin your entire look and render a very expensive leather jacket entirely useless. However, this method of removing ink stains from the jacket can prove to be a lifesaver:

Get some plain old rubbing alcohol, put a little bit of it on a white cloth and gently blot on the stain till it fades away completely. Be careful not to rub the ink stain because that will only move the stain, dab gently instead. Also, scrubbing vigorously may even end up damaging the leather itself. If you are having trouble spotting rubbing alcohol at the store, remember that it’s also called Isopropyl alcohol.

Pen ink, no matter what color, is a dye. And unfortunately, your leather is also dyed, and it goes very well with dyes. That’s why the stain takes to the leather extremely fast. You’ll have to act very fast to remove these stains. Get professional help to clean it, if possible.

3. DIY Cleaner for Dirt

If your only problem is that your leather jacket doesn’t shine like it used to and that the leather is getting stiffer, this DIY cleaner can help you return it to former glory quickly and efficiently. Dip a clean cotton cloth in a little bit of vinegar and wipe the jacket gently.

Now that your jacket is nice and clean, it’s time to condition it to help lock in the moisture and prevent the leather from cracking over time. You can either buy store-made leather conditioner as mentioned earlier, or you can make this at home as well. Mix one part vinegar with two parts linseed oil. Let this mixture sit on your leather jacket for 15-20 minutes. Then, buff it with a soft cloth until you can see the leather shining brightly.

Well, now you know that your leather jacket looks great and it is protected against future stains as well.

4. Don’t use water… ever

Got a little bit of dirt or soil on your clothes? We know the temptation to clean it with a damp towel is really high. But don’t. If you must, lightly rub with a dry cloth for a quick clean. Water isn’t the only thing that doesn’t go well with your leather.

Remember to never use any harsh chemicals, bleach-based cleaners or ammonia to clean your leather jacket. All of these can damage the exquisite finish of the leather and may even wear out the material, permanently destroying it.

The trouble is that leather is a porous material, it absorbs liquids very quickly. Leather is also easy to scratch to keep it away from sharp objects as well.

If you must clean ASAP, and you have nothing else on hand, do it with a solution of warm water and dish soap. It’d be even better if you could source some vinegar and clean your leather jacket with a solution of vinegar and water in equal parts. Don’t forget to wipe the jacket clean with a towel, so it doesn’t absorb any access moisture.

5. Use Corn flour for wet stains

Oil and sweat threatening the beauty of your leather jacket? Here’s what to do:

Get corn flour, spread it on top of the stain and leave it for a couple of hours. You may also use baking soda or cornstarch for this purpose. Hopefully, these powders will absorb the spills and leave your leather jacket stain and damage free. Afterward, wipe off the powder with a soft cloth and dry away with a soft towel.

The Last Word: Get Professional Help for Your Complete Peace of Mind

It’s best to clean a jacket only when necessary. Don’t subject it to cleaning and chemicals unless you really need to. Besides leather looks best with the broken-in and lived-in look. So, don’t stress out about the marks and stains, they only make your leather jacket look loved.

As long as you have a high-quality leather jacket, like the ones available at LeatherSkinShop, you really don’t have much to worry about. Consider it a lifelong investment because it’s value will be visible through all the fades and rips. That’s why it is imperative that you take good care of your leather jacket and get professional cleaners to help fix the stains and scratches if it seems a little over your head. Don’t gamble with the beauty and integrity of your leather jacket. Be careful when cleaning it.

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