15 tips on adult acne treatment

Acne is one of the frustrating conditions for the adults and when it covers your face, back or chest, it will definitely leave you with no confidence. Acne cannot only make you embarrassed but also afraid of meeting people and ultimately ruin your social life. Therefore if you are looking into the mirror and wondering why your face is full of acne and wrinkles then you should know that you are not alone; acne is mostly mistaken to be affecting only teenagers, it can affect adults of beyond 30,40 and 50 years.

Acne mostly affects women than men; this is due to the fact that acne is hormonally related and the hormonal fluctuations in women cycle normally trigger the breakouts. The adult acne is mostly brought about by bad cosmetics, stress, birth control pills in women as well as hormones. The most challenging issue is how to find a perfect adult acne treatment; this page has briefly outlined some of the treatment methods adults can follow to completely get rid of those disturbing acne on their skin.

Over-the-counter medicated products

Using the over-the counter medicated products is among the most effective ways of getting rid of adult acne. The best over-the-counter acne treatment products should contain benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid. However, these products come with side effects which might cause more harm than good; this is happens in most cases to the skins that are most sensitive to the acne fighting chemicals.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is not only popularly known for curing many skin conditions but also eliminating acne in adults. It contains antibacterial as well as antiseptic agents which not only help in fighting bacteria responsible for acne but also reduces itching, redness as well as stinging. It functions the same way as the benzyl peroxide and has no bad side effects on your skin.

Use Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is one the best home remedies for acne adult acne treatment. Simply brew chamomile tea and use a clean piece of cotton to clean your face with it; repeat this twice or thrice a day.

Use turmeric and mint

Extract juice from fresh leaves of mint and then mix it with the turmeric powder. Apply the mixture, which is in paste form on your affected area and wait for about 15 minutes, and then wash with clean water. This is actually effective and you will notice changes within a few days.

Apply aspirin paste

Take a few aspirin tablets (the standard ones) and crush them into powder, mix with water to form a loose paste. Apply the paste on the affected area before going to bed; repeat this for a couple of days and you will notice a lot of improvements.

Consume enough fiber and calcium

Eating foods rich in fiber as well as calcium is one of the ways that can help you get rid of acne completely. Fiber and calcium plays an important role in balancing hormones especially in women thus eliminating adult acne. Besides, eating a lot of fiber will help in keeping your colon clean and thus a healthy skin with no acne or pimples.

Eat organic foods

The probiotics normally found in organic foods such as organic yoghurt not only serves to promote strong digestive health but also plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy and also eliminate acne.

Clean your skin well

Facial cleansing is not good for removing skin acne because it only removes the surface dirt and is unable to unclog the pores or eliminate the bacteria. Due to this reason, proper cleansing is essential when it comes to maintaining your skin. Some of the correct ways when cleaning your face include: use pure, natural cosmetics on your skin; use herbal extracts in order for your skin to renew; avoid washing skin with harsh soaps; avoid scrubbing; and don’t overdo it.

Use colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is normally used as a natural antibiotic and is effective in removing acne in adults especially the back acne. Use colloidal silver by taking it orally as well as applying on the affected area.

Try the kitchen remedies

You can try using kitchen remedies such as taking the garlic capsules. These capsules eliminates plays an important role in adult acne treatment by not only boosting the immune system but also killing the bacteria which are found in the acne.

Take Burdock root and dandelion

The Burdock root and dandelion are popularly known to contain insulin which is so vital in supporting the liver to get rid of toxins from blood. In the process, the acne causing bacteria are killed and thus improving your skin.

Take the homeopathic remedies

Taking the homeopathic remedies such as Sulphur, Herpa sulphuris, Kali bromatum, Antimonium tartaricum is one of the best ways of preventing the formation of pimples as well as acne especially in adults. Besides, they also serve to quickly eliminate them.

Use Lavender oil

Lavender oil is commonly known as a remedy for many skin conditions as well as improving your hair. Simply apply the lavender oil on the affected area directly; you will notice changes within a short period of time.

Consume foods rich in Zinc

Zinc is popularly known as an antibacterial agent thus it is very vital when it comes to adult acne treatment. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat foods which contain zinc; such foods include nuts, sunflower seeds, soybean, shellfish, soybeans, as well as sunflower seeds.

Avoid milk

When you drink milk from a cow, you unknowingly consume a dose of saturated fat, cholesterol, dead white cells, as well as steroid hormones. All these are very dangerous to your skin as they highly contribute in acne formation. Therefore, doing away with milk will do you a lot of good than harm.

Selecting and correctly following the directions of one or more of the above mentioned remedies for adult acne will help you get rid of acne for good. These remedies are among the most effective as well as reliable ways of adult acne treatment. Therefore, if you are one of those who have tried almost everything to get rid of acne and not achieved their goals, don’t give up; just follow the above instructions and your skin will be clean and smooth.

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