Causes and effects of depression

Naturally, there are some external and internal factors which cause depression. The effects of these influences are not at all welcoming. Here, in this section of the article, you will learn about some primary reasons for depression in an adult.

  • The person who faces depression may feel everything impossible. He also has the negativity in all sorts of dealings, thoughts and behavior.
  • Agitation, irritation, worries and sensitivity increases in behavior.
  • The depressed person loses inclination and charm towards life.
  • He also goes through diet issues, either it gets too high and depressed person hogs food or it drops to the zero level.
  • A depressed person also rises up early in the morning and/or oversleeps.
  • He feels lethargic, weak and without any energy.
  • A depressed individual finds very hard to cope up with retaining things, deciding things and in concentration.
  • No sex appeal. Does not feel contented and happy and stops participating in any kind of activity.
  • Feeling of emptiness prevails for a long time in a depressed person.
  • Suicidal thoughts and attempts are practiced by an individual who goes through depression.
  • Body aches; stomachache, headaches, etc. is found in a person who is depressed.

Depression and its diagnosis:

Lab tests, interview with the patient and physical analysis can be done by the doctor to give a final verdict about the nature of depression. He will also take a patient’s history and talk to family members or people with whom the patient lives. In addition to that, the doctor will see if you have one or couple of symptoms, which are already mentioned above.

1- Physical symptoms of depression:

However, there are some signs to determine depression through physical means. Those signs of depression may be seen in:

  1. A depressed person cannot make an eye contact.
  2. A person who is depressed sighs deeply, shows no interest to others when they are talking, agitated behavior and takes pauses between sentences.
  3. Body actions get slow and remain immobile for quite some time.
  4. The patient also pulls his own hair.
  5. His face or appearance looks preoccupied with thoughts.
  6. Memory loss.
  7. Bad concentration level.
  8. Tearful most of the time.

2- Lab tests:

Lab tests are the second step to fixate an opinion on the type of treatment which is required by the patient. These lab tests are usually done after the entire procedure of tracking down patient’s and his family history, physician’s examination and checking out some apparent symptoms of the disease. The doctor will prescribe you medicines according to the persisting situation. He will also ask some common questions about your relationships, whether you smoke or not and about the consumption of drugs (cocaine, hash, weed, etc.) and liquor.

3- Some frequently asked questions to decide depression:

There are some frequently asked questions by doctors or psychiatrists (the person who has studied about the nervous system and illnesses attached to it). Here, is a list of a few of those questions:

  1. What are the illnesses which the patient had in the past?
  2. Which medicines were taken by the patient after seeing a doctor for depression?
  3. Is the patient still taking any antidepressants?
  4. What are the issues which the patient is noticing in physical and mental health?
  5. What are the eating and sleeping habits like?
  6. Is the patient actively taking part in outdoor games?
  7. What kind of supplements are taken by the patient?
  8. What do you think are the reasons of stress?
  9. Do you feel that your behavior is changing?

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