5 Things You Need to Know to Avoid Losing Your Teeth

Your smile is one of the first things people will notice about you. Unfortunately, a lot of people take their teeth for granted and do not take care of them properly in order to have a lifetime of gorgeous, pearly whites. Some even claim that because they had strong teeth as a kid, they will continue to have strong teeth as an adult, not realizing the fact that teeth demineralize as a person ages.

Why Saving Your Teeth is Important

Saving your teeth and preventing extractions is more than an aesthetic thing: it’s also cheaper to have all of your own teeth as well. If your teeth begin to need extractions, root canals, fillings and crowns, you will notice that the dental bills start piling up. It’s not uncommon for one simple dental procedure, like a root canal and crown, to cost thousands of dollars. If you don’t have dental insurance, this means that you’re left holding the bill on your own. If you don’t have the money to properly restore your teeth, you’re looking at infections and a smile that just doesn’t look all that great.

01. Keep Brushing Them Twice a Day

First and foremost, you need to get into a good brushing routine for your teeth. If you avoid brushing too often because your gums hurt and bleed, this is a sign that they need to be brushed more. Bleeding gums is a sign of gingivitis and gum disease, which occurs when you’re not removing plague regularly. Always use a soft bristle brush when brushing your teeth and opt for a power toothbrush over a manual one simply because it will get your teeth cleaner.

02. Always Floss

Even some dental professionals will tell you that flossing isn’t always the easiest habit to get into. Many of us grew up being told to brush, brush, brush but never to floss each day. Flossing is a way to get rid of the plague and dirt that is hiding between the teeth and around the gum line. Regular flossing can prevent and reverse gingivitis and gum disease. Gum disease being the number one cause for tooth loss in the dental field. There are tons of different flossing tools available for you to use, making it easier than ever to do this in a quick, efficient and comfortable manner.

03. Go to the Dentist Regularly

Going to the dentist may seem scary, especially when you only go when there is a problem with one or more of your teeth. However, it is crucial that you make it a habit to go and get cleanings, x-rays and checkups twice a year. The cleanings alone are important because they help to get rid of hardened plague and other debris that you can’t get off on your own. The exam is going to help detect a problem before it is allowed to get much worse. Let’s say that you have a cavity that can easily be filled when it is first detected. If you avoid going to the dentist altogether, that cavity will eventually lead into more and more decay and require a root canal to be done.

04. Avoid Gummy or Extra Hard Foods

You’ve probably had or heard of certain gummy and sticky candies that people say will “pull your fillings out”. These types of candies should be avoided unless you want to make regular trips to the dentist just because you’re eating them regularly. The same can be said about extra hard foods like pretzels. Hard foods can easily break and crack the teeth, causing them to need a lot of work in the dental chair.

05. Avoid Over-Whitening

While you might strive to have a gorgeous and white smile, using too many whitening products can demineralize the teeth and cause them to look transparent. This makes them weaker and more susceptible to breaking, cracking or chipping. In order to prevent this from happening, try to limit the amount that you whiten your teeth and opt for non-whitening and strengthening products in place of the ones you would typically use for yourself. Your dentist will also be able to tell you if you are over whitening by doing an exam on the teeth and seeing what they look like under a light.

The Importance of Making Oral Hygiene a Habit

As with most other things, you need to make oral hygiene a habit for yourself. While it might seem difficult at first to get into flossing and brushing twice daily, it is going to help save your smile and even save you from shelling out thousands of dollars in dental bills later on. Now is a good time for you to get into a solid dental routine and see just how beneficial this can be for yourself and for the future of your smile. After all, the more natural teeth you have, the less money you are having to spend at the dentist and the fewer appliances that will need to be changed out and replaced later on.

When you get into a good oral hygiene, you will notice that your checkups at the dentist go a lot more smoothly as well. No one likes to go to the dentist and be told that they need to have a lot of work done. Likewise, no one wants to be in pain because of having an infection around or underneath a tooth that they did not take care of properly. Because of this, it is important that you make it a habit in your life to follow strict oral hygiene practices and visit your dental office twice a year to make sure that everything is still looking alright. By doing this, you will find that you have a smile you won’t mind showing off to the world and one that is going to be easier for you to take care of in the long run right in the comfort of home.

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